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All You Need To Know About The Optavia Diet

You will come across hundreds of effective diet plans on the internet. However, there is a new diet plan that has been ruling the roost these days. The Optavia diet is considered to be an organized way to lose weight. The diet instructs how many meals you should be consuming per day.

Aside from that, it also sells packaged food items which have become quite famous over time. But, one thing that might come to your mind is what exactly is the Optavia diet and how much do you have to shell out for it? Can you find a good balance of nutritious ingredients in this diet plan? Find it out all here.

What is the Optavia Diet?

Do you remember the Medifast diet that was quite popular in the 80s and the 90s? It happened to be a low-calorie weight loss program, supervised by a physician, which mostly comprised of pre-packaged meals and shakes. The company which had brought Medifast into the market has now come up with a new plan that goes by the name, Optavia Diet. This particular diet plan is a reboot with a few additions here and there. There are three separate diet programs to choose from under the Optavia diet plan. These programs are divided based on how many meals one should consume in a day and how many are homemade or pre-packaged.

According to the plan, you are required to have six small meals in a day, out of which five are offered by the company itself. Known as fuelings, these small meals comprise bars, shakes, cookies, cereals, snacks, and soups. You don’t need to cook any of these. The sixth meal is referred to as a lean and green meal, and it needs to be made of regular grocery products. These meals generally include vegetables and protein, with omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats included. This particular program puts some transitional meal plans on offer when people wish to stop consuming prepared foods. Along with the food, you would receive help from coaches and other types of online support that help you change one habit at a time.

How Is The Optavia Diet Beneficial?

If you are aiming for quick weight loss, the Optavia diet plan could pretty well be a solution. This is probably the reason why this plan has caught the fancy of many. The diet might seem to be achievable since most of the meals are pre-determined. Aside from a quick weight loss, the plan cuts off any kind of sugary drink or alcohol that results in diseases when consumed excessively.

The Optavia diet doesn’t encourage the consumption of desserts like chocolate, coconut oil, and butter. If individuals participating in this program can alter their eating habits and tend to avoid the aforementioned products, they can find the right dose of nutritious ingredients in this diet plan. However, calorie restriction is a big problem as you might feel hungry throughout the day.

Is It Effective For All And Sundry?

The Optavia diet surely helps people shed off some extra pounds while maintaining the instructed diet. But is it applicable to those cases when they have to prepare their meals? This might be the biggest drawback of this diet plan. This low-calorie diet primarily revolves around meal replacements. This sounds appealing to many since it doesn’t require you to plan, shop, and cook. However, people who love to add various items freshly cooked to their platter wouldn’t probably find this diet program realistic or worthwhile.

The Optavia diet provides better solutions for several health concerns and different lifestyle conditions than a majority of other commercial diet plans available in today’s times. However, people who are suffering from diabetes should sit down and have a detailed discussion with a physician before they alter their diet plans. Also, if you are looking for a nutritious diet plan on a budget, the Optavia diet might not be a good option for you, as you have to shell out about $425 for one hundred and nineteen servings.

Even though getting social support regarding the Optavia diet program might be fruitful in several ways, it is believed that cooking and consuming food at home might be a better option any day if you wish to lose weight and sustain it in the due course time.

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