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Is it Really Possible to Lose Weight by Eating More? Experts Say Yes!

The normal method of losing weight that is known to all is by limiting the amount of calorie intake. However, the nutritionists have somehow been able to give a twist to this perspective, and a volumetric diet has been developed, such that eating too much of a certain food can be used to lose body weight as well.

The idea of a volumetric diet still proves to be unreal to some, but it has been backed up by both scientist, and food and nutrition experts.

There is also a good track record for the results of this diet, with people being able to shed pounds of weight. This diet was developed by Penn State professor and nutritionist Barbara Rolls. It is already gaining a lot of rave in USA report and has been rated one of the best-developed diets.

So what exactly is this volumetric diet all about, and how can it be utilized for effective purpose? We will provide you with all of this information, as well as the challenges you are bound to encounter when you take the diet.

Making Use Of Volumetric

Volumetric diet is all about consuming foods based on energy density. As you all know, that foods with very high density contain a lot of calories that tend to add to the body fat making the person gain more weight. On the other hand, low-density diets are very low in calories.

Volumetric diet, therefore, focuses on the consumption of very low energy diet, with foods such as water-rich diet, a lot of vegetables that lack starch e.g. tomatoes and mushrooms, lean protein foods, dairy products very low in fat etc. if high-fat meals will be contained in the diet, they must be as limited as possible. Fires and candies are also a part of the diet but at a very limited proportion.

Volumetric diet is all about the combination of food substances while high-calorie content of the diet is reduced to the barest minimum.

Volumetric diet does not entail that your meal will be streamlined for you, but it also gives you the opportunity of choosing the kind of food to eat. But the basics is that once you select a very food product that is very high in energy density, you must as well reduce the content in the diet.

So, the main aim is to make sure that his diet is mainly proportionated with very low energy density food substance like fruits and salads.

For more effective result when making use of volumetric, it is important that you practice a lot of workout sessions to go with. You can make it a very gradual process with about 150 steps a day up to a few thousand. You should also make sure that you have a food timetable or diary for close monitoring of what you consume.

Reason Why Volumetric Works

Researchers have proved that with volumetric, you are on your way to shedding about 1 to 2 pounds of weight in one week. Volumetric diet is favorable to people who have placed some kind of food off limit due to the fact that they are high in calorie.

Instead, it helps with a better combination of the food for weight loss results. Although a lot of people will claim that they need to feel full in their belly and this is not satisfied with volumetric diets on this. It is better for them to understand that all of these comes with the weight gain they are avoiding, and with volumetric they tend to have a more favorable and balanced.

with volumetric diet, you can shed about 1 to 2 pounds every week.

Challenges Of Volumetric

Consuming volumetric diet may tend to encourage consumption of highly processed diet food made with pseudo sweeteners. Although these foods are low in calorie, they also have some form of disadvantage to human health.

Artificial ingredients that are used for sweeteners tend to cause some problem to both the appetite and the immunity system of the body. These processed foods also lack adequate nutrient for the body to perform optimally.

The major challenge faced by volumetric is that artificial food ingredients and sweeteners are very unhealthy to the human body

If you are going to make use of volumetric diets for weight shedding, it is better to go for the option of non-starchy vegetable products and lean protein as part of a form of the low-calorie diet. This is because they are the most nutritious types of diet out there.

You can choose to utilize the volumetric content in choosing the high-calorie substances of your diet more carefully, as well as the type of snacks and candies to consume.

You can also see a nutritionist if your body needs some food nutrient that you can only get from high-calorie foods, and they will help you on how to go about it better. Make sure that you utilize exercise too as much as you can for better results.

Make use of non-starchy veggies for a more healthy volumetric diet, and see a nutritionist if you need a high-calorie diet for more body nutrients.

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