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Seven Crazy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Body

If you are looking to keep in tip-top shape, we commend you for it! Looking after your health is an excellent choice to make and every investment in your wellbeing is worthwhile. In the same breath, there are several weird and wonderful ways that the body works that can catch you by surprise! Here we take a look at some strange but effective ays of looking after your body, that you probably didn’t even know about! Also, just a few very interesting facts about your body that will leave you in awe of how incredible the human body is!

A Hot Drink to Cool Off

Your common sense might lead you to believe that you are suffering in the summer heat, you should sip on something cold and preferably with ice cubes, but did you know that the best way to cool down is actually to have something hot to drink! It’s been proven by science that having a hot drink helps your body stay cool since your body will produce sweat that will cool down your body. The evaporation of sweat from your skin is what ultimately cools you down!

Your Bones Structure Is Amazing

Did you know that more than half the bones in your body can be found in your hands and feet! Of the 206 bones that make up your body, 106 of them make up your hands and feet! Now that sure is phenomenal!


If you are of older age and you spot bumps under your skin, sometimes around the eyes, but actually, anywhere on your body, you need to have your cholesterol checked out. Cholesterol actually is responsible for forming bumps on your body and if you have cholesterol filled bumps it is an indication that you are at high risk of heart disease. The name for these cholesterol filled bumps is xanthelasma. SO keep an eye on the appearance of your skin and take note of any changes to have them professionally checked out!

Exercise if You are Tired!

You wouldn’t think so, but exercise is the best thing to do when you are physically feeling tired. When you are tired the only thing you probably will want to do is to sit down, but actually, doing some exercise will have your blood pumping harder and that will mean more oxygen flowing through your body giving you more energy than resting would! In fact, doing some exercise when you are tired will improve your mood as well. You can rely on increased endorphin levels to ensure that you feel good after some exercise!

The Cold is Good For You

Would you believe that as much as we all seek higher temperatures and warmth when it’s a nippy day, the cold is actually better for your health than warmth! Of course, there is a line and we do need to keep our bodies put pf extreme cold, but studies have shown that colder temperatures come with the added benefit of lower inflammation and a reduction in allergic reactions. It has been found that there is a lower risk of disease in areas of cold temperatures as well, and then the obvious fact that a lot of diseases causing insects don’t like the cold and prefer warmer weather, too!

Bananas To Feel Better

Bananas have an exceptionally high level of B6, 30% of your daily recommended dose, in fact. This is a vitamin that assists your brain with the production of serotonin, which is a mood stabilizer. So, this means that regular consumption of bananas will have your mood at a better level than if you didn’t eat bananas! Relieve depression and anxiety by chomping on a banana!

Optimism Can Increase Longevity

So science has confirmed that looking at the world through a positive perspective can actually increase your life span. There has been found to be a correlation between levels of optimism and levels of death from stroke, cancer, infection, and disease. The results show that as optimism increases, levels of death actually decrease proportionately. People with very high levels of optimism actually boasted a 40% lower risk of heart disease as compared with average people!

There are so many small ways to improve your life, health, body function, mood and outlook on life. Make sure you learn to use as many ways you can so that you enjoy a happy and healthy life and body!

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