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Here Are Some Simple Tips For Eating Healthier Without Giving Up Your Favorites

For those of us who are extra careful on our fitness, we all know how important it is to control our diet as well as work out daily in order to lose weight. For those who are obese, shifting to a healthy eating habit is imperative. But we often end up doing more harm to ourselves than before in our endeavor to follow a fad diet. When we talk about the latest trend in fitness and diet, it usually consists of a lot of restriction. While restricting sugar is necessary, experts believe that restrictive diets can work for a while but in the long term, it doesn’t work.

When you are asked to stay away from certain food products, you will do so in the beginning. But over a length of period, your cravings might get worse, and finally, you will give in. Having a medical condition or allergy often forces us to maintain a restrictive diet, and it is important to maintain it at that time though. The whole point is to have a healthy relationship with food. When we go on a certain diet, we start hating certain foods as we believe they make us put on weight. Removing stress and guilt from your food-related habits will help you stay healthier. Here are the best rules to follow!

Eat Everything

If you like something and you need to stay away from it, then it is never going to work — we all know that already. Hence, think of how you can have it in a healthier way. For example, if you love cakes or pizza, team them up with some healthier options like salads or roasted vegetables. Have a balanced meal and share it with friends and family. You will end up eating your favorite food in a moderate portion. Also, don’t make it a habit or include it in your daily diet. Instead, schedule a certain day of the week when you will allow yourself to indulge a bit. This way, you can enjoy the food and yet stay away from its harmful effects. You can also stop the cravings since you know it is not off limits anymore.

Know How To Put Food On Your Plate

If you have been following various internet trends that tell you what to do to eat less, then you are probably familiar with the fact that blue is the color that kills out appetite, and a smaller plate helps us keep our portions small. But here is how to do it right! Take a regular sized plate and fill half of it with non-starchy vegetables ( potatoes in every shape and form make us happy, but ditch it this time). One-quarter of your plate should have protein and the other quarter, starch. This will ensure your body gets all the right things to eat and have all the nutrition it needs.

Don’t Feel Stressed Or Guilty If You Divert From Your Routine

We all know that eating healthy and exercising should be part of our daily habit. But we can’t often follow the rules that we make for ourselves. We go to a party and end up eating a lot more than we thought we would; we order a takeaway for dinner because we are too tired to cook; we miss out on our morning workout because we woke up late – these things will always happen. If we get all tensed or stressed out for not doing the right things or feel guilty all the time, mental stress will affect our body negatively. Instead, accept that things have gone wrong for once, and you can always make up for it the next day. Whining and complaining about it can make it worse. This is important to keep yourself motivated and reach your weight loss goals.

Hence, don’t just blindly hop in the bandwagon of trendy diets that the celebrities are crazy about. Remember, each of us has different needs and different body types. Moreover, fad diets often include exotic food products that are probably not even available in your country. Instead of buying it for an exorbitant price from the supermarket, try to find a local alternative from the farmer’s market. Eating local and seasonal, keeping your portions moderate, and giving in to your cravings once in a while will help you reach your desired weight.

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