This is The BIZARRE Weight-Loss Diet Kim Kardashian Follows Before Red Carpet


Let’s be real here for a second – women would kill to have Kim Kardashian’s body, and although it may not be entirely possible to achieve it through diet and exercise, given the thousands of dollars Kardashians spend on surgeries and professional photoshop artists to make them look flawless on Instagram photos, you can still get washboard abs just in time for summer if you follow the diet Miss. Kim Kardashian West swears by to get in shape for red carpet events like the upcoming Met Gala on May 7.

Kim Kardashian announced on her app that she is trying a new 10-day diet to help her lose weight for the Met Gala

The Sunfare Optimal Cleanse

Anything Kim Kardashian touches or speaks of turns into the new fitness or fashion trend. The most recent example is the reality television star’s new diet that was revealed on her app this week, which has already become a hot topic in the news and women are already dying to try it in hopes of getting Kim’s famous hour-glass figure. But does the diet really live up to its hype? Let’s find out.

Apparently, Kim is trying out a 10-day detox called the Sunfare Optimal Cleanse to look her best on the fast-approaching Met Gala. According to her app, the diet is mostly based on shakes, juices and preplanned meals which is supposed to help you lose weight and get rid of any bloating. Kim explained that although she is a die-hard gym junkie, she often struggles with her diet (who doesn’t?) and gives in to the temptation of eating sugary, processed foods.

Kim admitted that having children means that she is constantly surrounded by temptations which can be hard to turn down. She decided to try out the new diet just in time for the Met Gala just to switch up her eating patterns and cut out sugary foods from her life, so, we decided to put our investigative hats on and see if the new diet is any good.

Nutritionists Weigh in

Looking at the meal plans provided by Sunfare, the new cleanse seems to be quite achievable since it does include a healthy balance of satisfying meals like bean and salmon bowl, salmon salad, and chicken primavera as well as juices and shakes high in protein and vitamins.

Although the website doesn’t disclose the nutritional information of all the meals, the diet does seem to include a good mix of healthy fats, carb sources rich in fiber, and lean proteins.

However, the 10-day cleanse does include a lot of days where you can’t consume anything but herbal tea and shakes – but hey, if you can get Kim Kardashian’s body by the end of the program, 10 days of drinking nothing but herbal shakes could be totally worth it.

The Problem with Liquid Diets

While it may be great to try a liquid diet for 10 days to get a jumpstart on weight loss, it definitely isn’t a sustainable way of living and shouldn’t be turned into a lifestyle.

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass says that she isn’t a big fan of the Sunfare cleanse since liquid diets are often high in sugars and extremely unsatisfying. She says that most of her clients who have tried liquid diets or juice cleanses complain of constant hunger which often compels them to nibble on snacks which results in overeating.

Vandana Sheth, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson seems to agree. She says that shakes don’t satisfy our hunger since they lack the key ingredient which helps us stay full for longer: fiber.

The reality television star tweeted that she is on day 4 of the diet and has already lost four pounds

Kim Kardashian, who is already on the Day 4 of her diet, posted earlier on Twitter to announce that she was already down four pounds ever since she started the cleanse, and she couldn’t be happier about her progress. However, she is now in the 3-day liquid phase of the diet where she can’t have any solid foods until day 7. The reality television star asked her fans to pray that she survives the liquid phase.

Sass warns that any diet that causes quick weight loss should be avoided since the weight can come back just as easily once you go back to your normal eating routine. Some people end up weighing more than what they were before they started the diet due to binge-eating.