Burger King Broke The Internet With Its Anti-Bullying PSA


Burger King is known to be one of the most famous fast food joints not just in the United States, but all over the world. It has been around since 1954 in Florida and is known for its different variants of burgers and other comfort food. However, there are just so many fast food joints out there that want to stand out and be the best among the rest, so it is not surprising if they use gimmicks to advertise their products and do promos along with it.


There is a new Burger King ad that totally broke the internet just a few hours after it was released. They came up with an experimental ad that is designed to make you crave for their Whopper Jr. However, it appeared to be so much more than that.

The scenario started when a teenage boy decided to pull up a seat, and was ready to indulge into his incredibly juicy burger and fries, but before that happens, some bullies came up to him. They pick on his food while talking down onto him and was playing with his fries. It was totally obnoxious even if these kids are of course just actors. But despite that, the goal is for people to get into the scene and get all worked up because of the bullies.

Which is why they planted hidden cameras all over the fast food joint and check how the people would react to the situation that they are witnessing. These people are merely regular customers, unfortunately some of the, just simply looked uncomfortably while waiting for their food and. They share a look of concern but not enough for them to help the poor boy. Because of that, by the time these customers unwrapped their burgers, their Whopper Jr. Has been punched as “bullied”. A lot of them complained to the manager, but they got the same treatment that they gave to the teenage boy that was getting bullied.

A boy gets bullied while in Burger King

This is where reality would hit you, the video noted that only 12 percent of the bystanders stepped in and helped out. Which means that there are more people who actually complained about their burgers than to actually help out someone who is being bullied because it does not affect them directly. It was totally a swift moment of comedic poetic justice. On the brighter side they also showed that there are still some who actually got the courage to take the chance to help out.

This ad by Burger King totally got the attention of the entire world and even went up to the top trending list. One of the reasons for this is because of that simple yet so powerful statement that say “Help stop bullying” it also provided the link of No Bully, which is a nonprofit advocacy organization that aims get rid of bullying as well as cyber bullying. No Bully’s CEO and founder, Nicholas Carlisle even said that, “We know that bullying takes on many forms, physical, verbal, relational, and online. But the first step to putting an end to bullying is to take a stand against it.”

He also mentioned that they partnered up with Burger King to be able to set an example to many brands and companies so that they could also spread awareness to such important issues that the world is facing at the moment. “You have to start somewhere, and they chose to start within,” he added.


This three-minute social experiment ad by Burger King wouldn’t of course be possible without the Miami office of David. Their team actually hired teen actors to do the act in a real Los Angeles Burger King restaurant, with the premise: ‘Would customers be more likely to stand up for a bullies junior human or a bullied junior Whopper.’ The advertising team proclaims that it’s creative bond fide is well-deserved, then again, this is not their first idea. They first thought of including Cannes Grand Prix winning print ad campaign where the real Burger King restaurants engulfed smoke and flames and it would then have the line that says, “Flame grilled since 1954.”

This Burger King ad was created to raise awareness for the National Anti-Bullying Month

This is also not the first time they actually made something so heartbreaking, because last year, they used the National American Sign Language Day where the King is doing sign language instead of speaking, and asking a diverse array of deaf customers for input, this ad got more than 200 million media impressions.

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