Couple Who Lost 300 Lbs Together Reveals Weight Loss Secret


Gaining weight after marriage is something that a lot of people consider normal, considering the change of priorities that can come after. However, for some, this can be a serious matter. Being severely overweight can not only affect health, it can affect the relationship itself as well. Here is a couple that has gone from thick to thin and supported each other all the way in their weight loss journey.

Through Thick and Thin

23-year-old Amber and 25-year-old Bo Wagner were on the slim side when they first fell in love at the tender age of 16. Just like a lot of couples, they eventually became too comfortable being with one another; so much that their combined weight almost doubled after they got married.

The couple lived a laid back and really unhealthy lifestyle. On some instances, they would reportedly consume 10 cans of soda in just one day. On others, they would have ice cream for breakfast. When they felt like it, they would binge on fast foods for as much as three times in just one day. They would together consume bags of pizza rolls, potato chips, corn dogs and practically anything they wanted. Amber was a slim 126 lbs while Bo weighed 210 lbs years ago. They had both ballooned to over 350 lbs each.

“Losing weight has 120 percent improved our relationship. We both knew the other was miserable but losing weight together gave us something to bond over and we reconnected.” – Amber Wagner

What Made Them Want to Lose It

While they had all the pizza, burgers and chips that they wanted, this couple, later on, realized that indulging that much did not make them happy at all. They even reportedly got intimate only ten times in their marriage since they found themselves too big and heavy. They also found themselves not enjoying private time anymore. They have two children, Gavin and Octavia.

Despite the changes in their relationship, they still continued their unhealthy lifestyle thinking it was just normal. It was not until Bo lost his job and they hit the lowest point in their lives and were driven to the point of divorce that they decided that some things had to change. The couple said that they really wanted to be together and it was their fear of breaking up that pushed them to adopt a complete lifestyle change.

Stronger Marriage, Happier Than Ever

Taking this motivation and putting things into their own hands, adopting a healthier lifestyle inspired them to get healthy. Now, they have lost more than 308 lbs combined, with Bo now weighing 238 lbs and Amber weighing 154 lbs.

With slim new figures and definitely healthier lifestyles, the couple says that they are more in love with each other and are happier than ever. For Amber, she said that she attributed her weight loss journey to one rule, which is she had only seconds after dinner if she got up the sofa to get some. She says that back when she was bigger, she felt so sluggish.

“I didn’t want to get off the couch. We were gross people. We never cleaned or took care of anything. We would just let the dishes pile up and complain,” said Amber who now fits in size 14.

Big Changes in Food

The next step in their weight loss journey was to completely cut out red meat and replace it with lean turkey. After adopting this changing, they found themselves each losing 20 pounds. Next to go was soda, until they stopped going to fast food chains. Their diet, however, still contains some cheat meals in controlled portions, such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The couple spends one hour working out together every morning. If they get any extra money, they spend it on activities with their kids instead of eating out. While Amber had lost 196 lbs and 112 lbs for Bo, they say that their weight loss has improved their relationship by 120 percent. “We both knew the other was miserable but losing weight together gave us something to bond over and we reconnected,” said Amber. Now, with better health and a richer personal relationship, there is nothing that can stand in the way of this power couple.

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