A Couple Lost Weight And Gained Massive Marital Love


Danny and Lexi Reed are fun-loving Indiana couple who don’t joke with their stomachs. They were deep into all sorts of junks but engaged in little or no exercise. According to Lexi, the 27-year-old wife who also controls followers numbering about 495,000 on her Instagram handle, she and her husband, Danny, enjoyed many evenings of junk meal jamboree, devouring batch after batch of sticks stocked with bread loaves, pizza and countless cans of soda in front of their TV screen. However, what Lexi didn’t know was that as she was piling calories into her body, she was also piling up the weight until the weight reached 490 lbs.

This couple fell in love and achieved their weight loss goals

The couple who weighed 770 lbs put together, decided to turn a new leaf as they made up their minds to change their diet plans on the first month of 2016.

It started with a close friend to the couple who motivated them to embark on one alcohol-free and soda-free month, home-made food and no junks. Lexi and Danny tried to adhere to this new routine of cooking their meals, monitoring the level of their calories and studying the tags that bear nutritional information. They exchanged their regular greasy food with lean beef, healthy chicken, and salmon. They started doing the type of meals they love in special ways that reduced the risks of obesity.

Working together to achieve their weight loss vision was exceptionally inspiring because they stood firmly by each other, watching their progress together to encourage hard work and cooperation.

Combining workout with their new diet routine was easy because of this mutual bond. Lexi devoted herself to 40 minutes of intense elliptical exercise for up to six times per week.

Lexi noted that everything for her became new and she was determined to get into the fresh start. She knew that her 490 lbs would attract attention to her at the workout class which she and Danny registered for, yet she planned to take advantage of that attention by working very hard at her workouts above the other class members at the gym.

On the part of 29-year-old Danny who works as a manager in one laboratory, his weight had drastically deflated from 285 lbs to 195 lbs. Starting a new life of weight loss wasn’t easy for him to plunge into suddenly, unlike Lexi.

He confessed that his old lifestyle of simplicity that only entailed getting back home from work every day to watching television with Lexi and just eat with nothing to bother his head about was all he wanted. However, the thought of assisting his lovely wife to shed some pounds in the new year sounded appealing to him, and he embraced the project.

The lovebirds had a tough time in the initial stages of their diet change and even for as long as they could remember. Lexi recalled that since their body systems were just adjusting to the new practices, they were frequently worn out and exhausted from the stress. Nonetheless, their cooperation helped them to carry on with the responsibility of shedding weight by supervising each other.

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Now the best part of their story. Lexi has lost 315 lbs as her weight went down from 490 lbs to 175 lbs. Apart from this great success, their love life has improved as well because their partnership during weight loss plan helped them to bond more. Lexi said when they were still fighting with excess weight; they hardly engaged in quality conversation. They would only sit together before the television in silence. However, their exercises which include cycling, strolling, workout at the gym and going for hiking had brought them closer to each other more than before because they were not lively as this in the past.

#nsv being able to do just one sit up or 15. At the beginning of last year I couldn’t walk even half a mile let alone do one sit up. I was always the girl last to finish 20+ minute mile in gym, that skipped school due to field day, and the largest girl in gym class. If only the old Lexi could see me now. Thinking about how far I’ve come in less than two years and feeling pretty proud of myself today. It never gets easier you get stronger! Shoutout to @discoveringdanny for always pushing me! #situps #muscles #fattofit #obesetobeast #instafit #dietbet #gymlife #swolemate #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #progress #weightloss #abs #goals #gym #anytimefitness #exercise #cardio #plussize #weightlossjourney #transformationtuesday #diet #extremeweightloss #gymclass

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During the previous summer, they jotted down an agenda of activities which consisted of programs they couldn’t partake in before due to their large bodies. The activities include roller coaster cruise and paddling a fun-filled canoe. Lexi said that they also had the opportunity to go back to the famous beach at Panama, where they once visited after their wedding but when it was time for a family game time at the beach called ‘the shell expedition’ at that time, she was hindered by her size which slowed her down from enjoying the required ‘couple shore walk’ game. Now the story changed during this second visitation because not only did she walked to the bank at the beach but even raced around the water facility.

The Reeds are very happy to look fit and also increase the fire in their marital bliss.