Get Into Action With These 8 Body Building Exercises From Fitness Buff Cassey Ho


The issue of working out is a broad subject that has drawn the attention of many fitness experts. However, one of the worst challenges people face is identifying the best exercise regimen that fit their personalities.

One of the online divas and specialists in the area of fitness, Cassey Ho, has also waded in. She is the CEO of POP Pilates and Blogilates, owner of a strong workout Youtube Channel worth over 4 million viewers and a model.

Casey Ho stated that it is best to know what works for you, something that your body will easily adapt to and you can get that drop-dead gorgeous body you have ever dreamed of. She designed eight fitness exercises to help you achieve that in one of her Youtube videos. Enjoy the ride!

1. Scissor-style Sit Ups

Parts of the body in focus: Thighs and core

Scissor-style Sit Ups are good for the building the abs, both the inner and the outer thighs all together at once.


Lay back fully on the ground and stretch your legs in the air, then place your arms at the back of your head. Raise your arms up in the midst of your legs as you spread your legs at the same time. Put down your arms again, and you locomote the legs in sync with the motion. Continue these moves for about ten times.

2. Windmill

Part of the body in focus: core

The windmill is effective in building your obliques. It is very ductile. Cassey advised that exercisers must ensure that the topmost part of their backs must not disengage from the carpet.


Lay back fully and place your arms on your either sides, with your palms kissing the floor, and put your legs up in the air. Stretch your toes and the topmost region of your body on the carpet as you place the two legs at one angle. Maximise the energy of your core to raise your legs up to the middle and over to the second side, gradually descending. Do one round for 15 times.

3. Wiggle

Part of the body in focus: core

Wiggle is best to build your abs and obliques, says Cassey.


Lay back and raise your knees outstretched, keep your toes in contact to form a diamond-shaped cluster. Put your two hands on the back of your neck and raise your head, neck, and shoulders away from the carpet. Keep your elbow and your knee in motion and keep them side-by-side with each other, after that, change sides. Do that for 25 times.

4. Frogger Abs

Parts of the body in focus: core and inner thighs

This is a collaborative movement to firm up your core and inner thighs.


Lay back and raise your knee, spread them apart. Put the heels of your feet in contact to form a V shape. Stretch your legs and draw your knees together, at the same time leave your heels in sync.

For building your abs, station your hands at the back of your head and afterward, raise the top of your body, lifting your arms before your body and kick your legs outward. Repeat these movements for about ten times.

5. T-Stand Pulses

T-Stand Pulses helps to develop the lower body and strengthen your core as well. Casey warns that you will need balance to work through this.


Curve one leg a little and station the second leg at your rear. Raise the two arms outwardly in a flight poise. Lift the back of your leg high as much as your capacity can allow. Then oscillate your leg high and low. Tip: Begin with your leg down. This will make the process simpler. Stretch your foot a little as well.

6. Wing Pulses

Parts of the body in focus: Back and core

This exercise shapes your back.


Lay flat on your belly and flex your arms to form the letter ‘T.’ Raise your arms, lift your chest, and get your quads off the ground, pause a while. Put down everything and start all over again to the beginning. Repeat for 20 times.

7. Plié Squats

Part of the body in focus: Leg


Squats tone your leg muscles

Spread your legs outwardly beyond your shoulders and hips, position your toes in such a way that they are outstretched. Lift your arms and place them on your sides. Bend down gradually into a squat pose and get up again. You can begin the process on the soles of your feet. Repeat for 15 times.

8. Back Behinds

Part of the body in focus: back

Back Behinds are great and suitable for building up your back and body carriage. Ho says that exercisers should ensure that they clasp their shoulder blades tightly.


Position your body and keep your legs crossed. Lift the two arms and place them on your sides, keep your palms faceward on the floor. Unfasten your palms while clutching your elbows close to the center of your back. Do this for 25 times.

There you have it. Remember to keep practicing these moves but don’t also forget to identify your friendly workout moves.

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