Iron Chef Cat Cora Shares Tips On Living A Healthy Lifestyle With A Busy Schedule


Being a chef has got to be one of the most difficult jobs in the entire world, you don’t just need to cook, you also have to lead and run a brigade of cooks in the kitchen. Some chefs have their own restaurants which make things even more difficult since they are running a business as well. Which is why one of the most famous television chefs in the United States shared some amazing tips on how to balance her incredibly busy job, while at the same time being a mom, and still managing to look after herself by living a healthy lifestyle, continue reading to find out more.


It is a fact that being a chef and a businesswoman who owns not just one but eighteen restaurants is too far from being buys. However, those two roles are nothing compared to being a mother 25/7 for the rest of her life. The Iron Chef actually has six sons and when asked how she actually manages it, Cora simply says that she always make sure to cook for her boys. It would be pretty ironic that she could actually make wonderful and sumptuous dishes for other people and not her children, which is why she makes sure to always have a meal for them. In fact, she said that cooking with her sons is actually normal in her household.

Cora believes that it is very important for her to be able to influence her children when it comes to cooking especially at such a young age. Being able to give them a chance to taste something new every time as well as teach them skills that they could carry on for life. Then again, one of the most important thing for her as a mother is that cooking with her children will serve as one of the best memories she and her sons would have, which is why she always make sure to make time for them.

She also said in an interview that she always try to teach them to eat right by being a good example when it comes to eating. Cora also mentioned how she makes sure to give them the know-how when it comes to foods such as sustainability and importance of choosing local and fresh ingredients at all times. The Iron Chef also shared how she makes sure to always keep the fridge with citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruit, limes, and oranges. When asked if she lets her children eat junk foods, she admitted that she lets them have ice cream and other kinds of unhealthy choices but it must always be in moderation and balance.


Staying fit is very important especially when you are a chef and you are just cooking different kinds of food that no one could simply say no to. Being extremely busy at all times is also not an excuse, which is why Cora makes sure to always find time to go cycling. It is said to be one of her favorite outdoor activities since it makes her stay in shape. She mentioned that it is not exactly something that she does all day but she makes sure to always do it as much as she can. There was even a time when she had to train for Chefs Cycle on 300-miles. It is a fundraising to raise awareness when it comes to ending child hunger. However, the Iron Chef also shared how her fitness routine actually changed when she became a mother.

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What surprised everyone is the fact that she is actually has a degree in exercise physiology even before she became a chef. This just means that fitness definitely has a huge impact on her life, especially during her younger years. Cora admitted having always been very focused on her fitness routine especially when it comes to cardio and strength training. However, when she became a mom, she simply takes advantage of nature instead of being cooped up in a gym while working out. Working outdoors makes her feel better at all times because it simply clears her head and relaxes her.

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