Janet Jackson, Ciara Flaunt Post Baby Body Just Months After Giving Birth; Here’s What They Did


Many women immediately start to give up on their fitness goals as soon as they become mothers. Weight gain has been repeatedly justified with motherhood, which is actually a wrong way to see it. If you are one of those who believes this, maybe the story of these two mothers will give you that much-needed motivation.

Ciara, a mother of two, has just given birth to her second daughter and is fitter than ever. Janet Jackson, on the other hand, has just given birth to her first baby but looks like she has not left the stage at all. Here are more things about them:

Ciara Strutting Her Post-Baby Body in New York Fashion Week

Ciara’s post-baby is absolutely on point. The 31-year-old singer just showed off her post-pregnancy body in an all-black Tom Ford gown to honor the start of the New York Fashion Week. The dress looks incredible on the mother of two as it was a sleeveless black and featured a halter neckline as well as satin details. While she always has been a lovely looking lady, her rapid weight loss is just too noticeable.

The star took it further by flaunting her post-baby fit body on her Instagram account, including a video of her catwalk. Of course, fans were quick to react on how quick she has gotten her famous body back. Ciara’s new hairdo was also noticeable as she traded her blonde locks for slick straight black at the star-studded party.

Janet Jackson Shows Fit Post-Baby Body in Recent Performance

Janet Jackson shows a noticeably slimmer body recently

A quick look at this pop icon might make you forget that she has just given birth. The 51-year-old has wasted absolutely no time in getting back in shape right after giving birth. The singer and her now estranged husband, Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana, welcomed their first child Eissa Al Mana last January 3. Obviously, Jackson has been busy getting fit since then.

All that hard work has paid off as she had the opening night of her world tour in Los Angeles last September 7, and everyone could not help but be wowed by her postpartum look. The pop star rocked a skintight white top and skinny jeans with boots, which complimented her toned figure.

How Janet Did It

Janet has always been a performer and a stage sweetheart, so losing some baby weight is not really the most surprising thing that this diva can do. Last June, Jackson showed off her whopping 50-pound weight loss when she saw her estranged husband in court. An eyewitness even said that Janet looked great and even back then, it looked like she had already been going head on for her preparations for her world tour.

Now, sources say that Janet has lost 61 pounds, all that since she gave birth in January. As to how she has been doing it, sources say that she has been training, dieting and eating clean and has been fully engaged in preparing for her world tour.

How Ciara Did It

Ciara inspires with her post-baby body

Ciara shared her current weight by stepping on the scale and documenting the number with a post on Twitter and Instagram which was captioned “I said I wasn’t going to gain 60lbs carrying Sienna, and… I did exactly that!” She already had lost 20 pounds as of that post and plans to lose 10 more.

Previously, Ciara revealed that she had gained 60 pounds while pregnant with son Future. She, however, noted that determination made her bounce back healthier and fitter than she had ever been before. Ciara revealed that just after four months of having her first baby, she was already back to her original shape. She felt very empowered by the experience and such motivated her to go harder.

Motherhood Does Not Always Mean Weight Gain

Motherhood has become the modern-day equivalent for weight gain, but this is not necessarily true. Age, taking care of kids and hormones might take its toll on your weight, but this is not something that cannot be fixed by hard work, determination, and balance.

Of course, you would have to attend to your kids, do their laundry, make sure they eat right but at the end of the day, you will also realize that you too need to be healthy. What do you think of their amazing weight loss stories? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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