How Jennifer Lawrence Trimmed Down While Still Eating Fries And Burgers


Jennifer Lawrence has always been one of the strongest personalities in Hollywood. While some critics consider her fat for the industry, she actually has one of the best and healthiest physiques. However, this does not come easy. Just like most actors, she has a rigorous workout routine and a restricted diet. Lucky for her, this diet realistically includes fries and burgers.

“The Feelgood Plan”

“I could never live on a diet,” said Jennifer Lawrence in her trainer Dalton Wong’s new book “The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier & Slimmer in 15 Minutes a Day.” She added that she is thankful for her trainer. He taught her how to eat, move and live while still being able to indulge in some of her favorite food.


Sometimes, they would head out for some burgers and fries after intense training sessions at his London gym. Jennifer worked out with him for three months, with some sessions lasting as long as 10 to 12 hours in just a day. The routines involved a range of exercises from weight lifting to resistance training.

What is So Good About this Program?

The good thing about this “Feel Good” diet is that you get to identify what food works for you. However, while you get to eat what you want, it should be in moderation. Make sure that your macros fit, especially the carbohydrates, because they’re the ones that supply you with energy. Jennifer has also been allowed to indulge once in a while in 75 percent dark chocolate and wine.

“When you put all those things together, you become a very balanced person. She’s also really committed to her career, and that’s what makes her such a wonderful role model and actor.” – Dalton Wong on Jennifer Lawrence

Break Up Exercises Throughout the Day

When working out to lose weight, one would immediately assume the heaviest workout possible. This may be true, but it can be hard to maintain realistically until fitness goals are met. Fortunately, J Law’s coach worked out an approach that is not as strenuous and stressful.

While filming “X-Men First Class,” Wong and Jennifer spent up to 10 to 12 hours a day together for 12 months. They would start the day with a 20 to 30-minute jog to wake her up. Wong said that this was not really a run for exercise, but just something to get them moving.

Later on, Wong would have Jennifer do short bursts of high-intensity interval training for 15 minutes per circuit. These came in varieties of core exercises, stretches and other strength workouts.

Relaxing is Part of the Routine

A common error for most people getting into a fitness regimen is that they do not set aside time for rest. This is just as important as exercise. The body needs time to recuperate from the stress that was induced into it.

For Jennifer, her daily training would often end with yoga and “beditating,” which is what Wong described as deep diaphragmatic breathing and stretches. This is to relieve the body so that one can sleep better and recover in time for another challenging session the next day.

Wong notes that you “inhale through the nose, filling your lower belly, lower rib cage, then up to your chest and throat. Exhale through the nose for a count of three. Keep a steady rhythm as you repeat the movement.”

Snack Wisely

When you don’t take snacks, you are likely to binge-eat when faced with tempting options later in the day. Dalton Wong urges to plan things ahead. At Jennifer Lawrence’s trailer, they always had some full-fat Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, hummus and vegetables. “It’s always food that is working for us, rather than against us,” said Wong.

Fortunately, the options for snacking are actually pretty accessible. For Jennifer, Wong had her snack on different types of food, like popcorn, celery, cashews, blueberries, hard boiled eggs and almond milk. Jennifer never eats granola and protein bars despite their health claims because these are mostly loaded with sugar.

This method of dieting is so flexible and lifestyle-friendly that the “Passengers” actress was able to adopt it while still living a “normal” life. As a result, Wong has been all praises for the Hollywood A-lister.

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