A Joke About An Eating Disorder Puts ‘A Christmas Story Live!’ In Controversy


Who would’ve thought that a family television remake of a classic film would gain controversy because of a particular scene regarding an incredibly dangerous subject? Fox released a telefilm special known as A Christmas Story Live! On December 17 and it is actually a televised musical remake of the classic film entitled A Christmas Story which was released in 1983. This live televised show is also based on the 2012 musical of the same name. This seemed and is aimed to be a family show for the upcoming holidays at that time but a specific line on the show caught the attention of the viewers on social media especially with its content, continue reading to find out more.


This all-new television remake of a Christmas classic was supposed to fill the hearts of its viewers with the holiday spirit, but instead of feeling the excitement and joy that Christmas would bring, the viewers felt like the show went out of line when they mentioned something that is very triggering for some people. It is considered to be such a sensitive matter for some people when Matthew Broderick’s narrator actually said a joke to the camera regarding how his brother hated to eat when he was at such a young age. What exactly happened during the scene was the Parker family was having dinner at the table when Broderick said that his younger named Randy was a picky eater when they were younger, this then was followed by a piggy scene which was inspired from the classic film. Then again, before that particular piggy scene, pointed out that there is always that one child in every family who tends to be a picky eater and that child is normally taking ballet lessons. This is, of course, was considered to be insensitive by the viewers especially to those people who are suffering from an eating disorder known as anorexia.

That one line in the three-hour show may seem like a simple joke for some, especially for the show’s writers. However, it had managed to take over the social media with its negative reviews. It is indeed crazy how a single line in a show could affect its reviews.


This is not the very first time that an eating disorder was mentioned or was implied on the film or television, in fact, Netflix released an original film called To The Bone starring Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves. Collins’ character was suffering from anorexia and she was actually receiving treatment in the film. Collins had to consult and work with a registered dietitian in order for her to healthily lose weight to the point that she is actually skin and bones. Critics and viewers find this very informative since it basically talks about what exactly is like to go through something so serious such as having an eating disorder and that it is something that people show be worried about since it could definitely be dangerous to the health.

Then again, the joke that was said on the Fox television show about being a picky eater and doing ballet is indeed real but is not a laughing matter. In fact, actress Mila Kunis, who portrayed a role of a ballerina in the film Black Swan together with Natalie Portman, recalled how she dreaded her diet because she needed to lose 20 pounds for the role since she had to look like she is only made of skin and bones.


Psychologists say that it is never okay to make fun of someone’s looks, especially with the way they eat or live a particular lifestyle. Unfortunately, it is inevitable nowadays, in fact, it is one of the reasons why people get eating disorders because society felt the need to have such standards that should’ve never existed in the first place. According to experts, people who are suffering from an eating disorder are extremely vulnerable and fragile, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Most especially those who are not getting treatment.

Fox never released an official statement nor made a comment about this issue and neither any of the cast. However, one thing is for sure, producers will now be extremely careful when it comes to these matters or they will face their bosses, who are the viewers.