Royal Chef Darren McGrady Reveals Secret On How He Made Princes William and Harry To Eat Vegtables


A chef’s job is definitely really difficult, however, it is actually ten times more pressure if you are actually the chef for the royal family. Darren McGrady has been one of the chefs for the British Royal Family, specifically in the late Princess Diana’s household for years, he is the one who used to cook meals for the young Prince Willam and Prince Harry. People often wonder how normal the royal family could get, well turns out the young princes tend to be just like any other kids when it comes to food choices because they didn’t like vegetables as well. However, McGrady managed to convince the two princes to eat their veggies, and here’s how he did it.


Princes William and Harry with their parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Even before he started cooking for the two princes, McGrady has already been a part of Princess Diana’s royal team. In fact, after the princess separated from Prince Charles, she personally wanted him to be her personal chef with her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, in which he actually did until the princess died in a tragic accident in 1997. McGrady revealed how the late princess has already treated her as a friend which is why he is happy to share some wonderful moments of the princess with her sons behind closed doors. They may be royal but McGrady said that Princess Diana raised her children just like a normal mother, in fact, she can be considered as a cool mom. This is because the late princess actually lets her children watch the television even while eating dinner. McGrady recalled how fascinating it is to know that the royal family is definitely just like us. The royal chef also mentioned how the princess would actually let her sons eat kid-friendly foods such as spaghetti and meatballs, banana flans, pizza, and more.

McGrady was a royal chef for fifteen years

One of the reasons why the princess hired him as her personal chef is that because she is not the best when it comes to cooking. McGrady recalled that one time when the princess came to him one day and told him how she actually almost set her entire place into flames and that the firemen actually needed to be called. It was apparent when the princess actually attempted to cook pasta but the water boiled over and next thing she knew she was smelling gas.


Since the late Princess Diana is not actually the best person in the kitchen, she trusted McGrady to cook for her and her boys. McGrady reveals that even if Prince William and Prince Harry are royals, they still have a palate of a child, which is why McGrady thinks it was best for him to introduce the two princes to a variety of foods at such as a young age. Their royal nannies turned out to be the one in charge when it comes to what exactly does the princes need to eat in a day. However, there are times when the late Princess Diana would ask McGrady to serve the princes whatever she is or the guests are having, this way they could learn to easily adapt at such a young age.

Princess Diana playing with the princes on a windy day

Since the two princes are just like any other kids when it comes to food, they wouldn’t of course personally have vegetables at all times. One of McGrady’s secrets when it comes to making Prince William and Prince Harry eat their veggies is that he actually mixes them with whatever they love to eat. For instance, the young Prince William loved mashed potatoes as a child, so what McGrady used to do was to chop up the broccoli and would mix it into the prince’s mashed potatoes, that way he could have some veggie on it as well.

One of the most surprising revelations that McGrady mentioned is that Princess Diana makes sure that her two princes get to live a normal life and so that they could feel normal as much as they can. One of her ways of doing it was to treat them to one of the most famous fast food restaurants in the world, McDonald’s. The royal chef revealed that the late princess actually treats her son every once in a while and eat whatever they want, even if it can be unhealthy, but it is the bonding moments that’s what mattered to her.

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