Singer Kelsea Ballerini’s Fast Food Hacks Will Totally Shock You


For years now, singers from the country music scene have managed to make it into the spotlight. One of the most famous ones is the former country singer, Taylor Swift, who started out as a country artist but slowly shifted her gear into pop and contemporary. However, fresh from Tennessee is this 23-year-old country singer Kelsea Ballerini, who surprised everyone after snagging a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. The young country artist has actually been on the road for the past two years getting her hit singles out there such as Yeah Boy, Peter Pan, and Love Me Like You Mean It. She has been touring with Lady Antebellum since this summer and has managed to perform at the iHeartCountry Festival in Austin Texas together with Rascal Flatts.


Most people usually think what actually singers have after rocking out a couple of their performances and set lists. Well, lucky for us, she shared some of her favorite things to eat every after concert event she’s a part of. “The things that gets me is after-show food, the stuff you get on the bus when you’re off stage? That’s where I flop,” the 23-year-old country singer said.

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Ballerini admitted that she is actually a big fan of fast food which is indeed very surprising because of how fit she looks. She even said that her entire tour crew together with her loves to stop by at Taco Bell and McDonald’s. However, when asked what her favorite fast food is, she didn’t hesitate to say Chick-fil-A. “We get a weekly platter of Chick-fil-A on tour. Swear! You can get it pretty much everywhere,” she explained. She also revealed her unusual love for ranch and even admitted that she puts ranch in almost anything even on an expensive steak and pizza. But despite loving to indulge in her favorite fast food, she does maintain a balanced diet of 80/20. “On the bus, I use a stovetop in the morning to make a veggie scramble,” Ballerini told SELF. She also shared what she usually for snacks and dinner, such as gluten-free protein bars and kale salad whenever she would be done for a show. “I try to have protein for dinner so I have the energy for the show.”


Being a singer who’s on tour is definitely difficult especially if you’re trying to stay fit and healthy while being on the road working. Ballerini even considers performing on stage a type of work out but she admitted to still manage to squeeze in a few physical activities even while she’s on the road. In an interview with SELF, the country star says, “I try to exercise when I’m on the road – I really do try – but I also try not to push myself so hard. I just try to move.”

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She is also known to run amphitheater stairs before or after rehearsals and does squats while on the bus, however, Ballerini admitted that she is not quite a fan but she said it is better than nothing. Her trainer, Erin Oprea, who is also Carrie Underwood’s trainer, pushes her to do some circuit workouts because it is best for getting cardio as well as resistance training. The minimal rest actually mean that the heart rate would then stay high but at the same time, the resistance exercise build and maintaining the strength of the muscle. Dumbbells and the other pieces of equipment are of course great as work but compared to bodyweight exercises, they are actually way more effective. Oprea even explained how Ballerini’s circuit workout actually works.


What she would normally do is choose either two or three bodyweight exercises for that time and must target different muscle groups such as push-ups and even lunges. Ballerini would then need to do about 10-15 each depending on what type it is. However, this must all be repeated with two or more rounds using different exercises for every single round.

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Aside from circuit workout, the young country artist admitted that she also loves joining different fitness classes whenever she can alongside her band on tour, “Spin is all about having fun while you get your work out in. Kickboxing is fun and I highly recommend it if you enjoy high-intensity workouts,” she said in an interview with Furthermore. These types of workouts are also loved by other celebrities such as Ashley Graham, Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, and Gina Rodriquez.

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