What Do Victoria’s Secret Models Eat Before A Big Show? Find Out Here!


Stephen Pasterino is a well-known fitness trainer in New York City. Pasterino (popularly called ‘P’ among his clients), has been involved in training women to gain lean bodies. Right now, two of his Victoria Secret finest clients, Blanca Padilla and Nadine Leopold have been working out tirelessly for months under ‘P’s supervision ahead of the 2017 annual runway show in Shanghai.

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Pasterino designed a workout that complements physical therapy, easy strength training, and strategic stretching and props, ankle weights, bands, and P’s personalized ball that is tied around the upper part of the thighs for intense squeezing. Pasterino tagged this renewed workout ‘P.Volve‘ and is available for at-home streaming videos. Therefore anyone can watch the streaming from anywhere without being present with P in NYC and try out the easy-to-do technique.

Exercise is an essential part of the physical transformation, but it just holds 50% of the requirement. So if you are trying to acquire a well-fitted body while preparing for a big event, then this special ideal diet will help you. P also assured that this plan still allows you indulge in some carbs and you won’t need to stop putting food in your stomach.

I have the same axiom for my nutrition and workout, and it centers on a long-term sustainability on your body,” P said. “The main secret to healthy eating is to relish undiluted natural and clean foods and to blend them into a comprehensive meal plan. I eat mainly foods that aid in digestion and that kill irritation and bilge.”

The nagging question on people’s minds is; How can bloating be reduced? P gave the details on this subject matter, the pros, and cons of eating an effective diet that bring the exact results you need.

“I don’t like snacking,” P said. “I prefer to concentrate on three important meals as well as the inclusion of dessert intermittently which I extend all through the week.”

“My normal meal course on weekdays, I mean Monday through Friday mornings, I like to prepare a small portion of breakfast followed by an average size of lunch portion and dinner,” P explained. “This practice is medically beneficial to the immune system and rejuvenates the digestive tract. Mealtime can be spaced between three to six hours. Avoid eating three hours before going to bed.”

People are always confused about which group of food they should merge for their diet.  P says that it depends on the type of dietary lifestyle the concerned individual adopts, whether vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. “My advice will be plain and direct. Always mix a generous amount of green vegetables (asparagus), healthy fats and oils (avocado), good carbs (sweet potato), fiber (flax seed), and a lot of lean protein like fish,” he said.

P had once supervised a woman’s diet, and he ensured that she ate a whole sweet potato virtually every day before lunch. He believes that digesting your carbs at daytime is safer than waiting till night-time. Fortunately, the results were spectacular.

Have you ever been confused on which foods/food groups to avoid in your diet routine? P has this to say.

Dairy is a no-no for me. I rather opt for other plenty alternatives like coconut milk or almond. These options don’t make your body to swell up. I take eggs in moderation even though they are okay. I do away with prepackaged foods because I don’t think they safe,” he said.

P did not spare the aspect of food group you should delete from your diet occasionally:

He dwelt on the whole issue of bloating and foods to steer clear from. “The only way to succeed in a show like the Victoria’s Secret is to eradicate any foods that tend to bloat or cause swelling,” he said. “Now that the show is drawing nearer, we removed vegetables that take time to digest such as broccoli and cauliflower. Also, we get rid of fruits such as bananas and any nut butter. We also annihilate all forms of salt, packaged foods, and eggs. Our digestive system deserves the best we can offer so that it can perform maximally and we need to be very careful to lessen the retention of unwanted liquid.”

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The ideology behind this method is that bananas are rich in sugar, nuts possess high-fat content and eggs does not digest in time for some people. In case you are still at a loss on what food best soothes your digestive system, you can start an elimination diet and observe any changes.

P made us understand that contrary to what people believe, models eat real food, but with a strict diet routine. They need good food for energy, nutrients, and stamina. Here is what the meal plan for them looks like as their runway show approaches.

“Mornings, they drink a shot of apple cider vinegar,” P explained. “Monday to Friday mornings, their light breakfast would include half avocado with a half of a grapefruit with cinnamon smeared. A regular breakfast would have a quinoa bowl with berries or a smoothie with greens and one piece of fruit; no protein powders or nut butter,” he added.

“For lunch, a green salad with vegetables and protein followed by dinner of healthy carbs and poached vegetable with lean protein,” he continued.

The meals are void of salt, using olive oil, lemon, and herbs to give the food flavor. He says that these meals will provide the essential nutrients for the ladies to develop muscles, get energy, and healthy skin. P says that he is concentrating on maximum health and function and that the models should be at their best whenever they catwalk down the runway.

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