You Won’t Believe What Christina Aguilera Looks Like Without Makeup!


An increasing number of celebrities are choosing to ditch makeup to fight the increasing pressure on women to look flawless and perfect all the time. The latest name to join the make-under trend is Christina Aguilera who graced the latest cover of Paper magazine completely barefaced – and she looks unrecognizable!

The 37-year-old singer looked flawless on the cover of Paper magazine without any makeup on

Barefaced Beauty

Christina Aguilera is a talented singer who is widely praised for her vocal abilities and a long list of hit songs. In the 20 years of her career in show business, the superstar has made a mark in the industry with over-the-top makeup looks, dark lipsticks and dramatic eyeliner; but her recent makeup-free look for a magazine cover is breaking the internet and fans can’t believe how beautiful she looks barefaced.

In the extreme closeup of her face, the Beautiful hitmaker doesn’t have an ounce of paint on – and judging from the breathtaking photos, it seems like she doesn’t even need any!

The 37-year-old looked mesmerizing as she ditched her usual bright-color lipstick in the new look, her manicured finger, accessorized with a ring reading ‘MOM’, delicately pushing her bare lips apart. The line on the magazine cover read ‘transformation’ – which perfectly described the never-seen-before images of the Genie in a Bottle hitmaker. Inside the magazine, Zoey Grossman had shot an array of different looks on Aguilera including one in which the vocalist flaunted a platinum blond wig with tiny wisps of hair covering her forehead.

The singer says that has been passionate about makeup ever since she was little and loves to experiment with various looks

Naturally Freckled

One of the most interesting facts revealed about the vocalist from her jaw-dropping transformation was that she has a naturally freckled face which she has previously covered up with heavy foundation and concealer. While most of the shots inside the magazines depicted a makeup-free Christina, in a few of the frames the superstar looked heavily made up with deep-red eye shadow and an equally dark lipstick.

In an interview featured in the magazine, the singer/songwriter revealed that she had always had a passion for theatrics which led her to experiment with different makeup looks in her career. Aguilera said that as a performer, she does whatever she needs to in order to get into a character she must portray in her video or onstage.

But having been in the music industry for over two decades now, she has finally found herself in that comfortable spot where she can ‘strip it all back’ and show the world her raw beauty. Lotus singer says that it feels liberating to be able to feel confident in your own skin and appreciate who you truly are.

Confessions of a Makeup Lover

Christina Aguilera on the cover of Paper Magazine 2018

Even though the star loves her new barefaced look, she isn’t about to give up on makeup any time soon and it won’t be long before she’s back with her dark lip shades and dramatic eyeliner. Aguilera admitted that she has loved makeup ever since she was a little girl and jokingly added that she is the kind of woman who prefers a ‘beat face’ over a plain one.

In one of the photos, the 37-year-old is seen with short curly hair and bangs that barely hit her mid-forehead, but like most of the other shots in the magazine, the singer has no makeup on here but looks absolutely flawless. The shoot was heavily focused on Aguilera’s face and in only one of the frames, she was seen in a simple plaid shirt which fell off her shoulders.

Talking About Abuse

In a completely opposite set of photos, the singer wore red lipstick and eye shadow with small pieces of fake eyelashes washing down her face, making it seem like the singer had been crying. In the interview, Aguilera explained the significance of her statement ring saying that while growing up, she had always witnessed her mother being physically and emotionally abused which gave her a sense of responsibility to never let herself fall into her mother’s footsteps.

From her mother’s situation, Aguilera understood that it isn’t always easy for a woman to ‘get up and leave’, especially if she feels weak and dependent on the abuser.

The singer who got her comeback from the famed reality show The Voice has a bright future ahead with two movies lined up for release this year: Zoe which is a futurist robot film, and Life of the Party where the singer portrays her own character.