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A 5-Year-Old Girl Went Viral After Being Called ‘Fat’ By Her Classmate, Her Response Would Totally Surprise You

Being body-shamed is unfortunately normal these days, it is usually done in social media, where in people would tell someone that they are either “too fat or too skinny”, and would even call them nastier names that are completely unnecessary. Celebrities often get body-shamed, simply because people expect them to be perfect, unfortunately, normal people get body-shamed as well, and it is getting younger and younger.

A mom shared a touching story about how her 5-year-old daughter was called “fat” by another child from her school. Some adults would say that it must not be taken seriously since they are just children, however, if no one corrects that kind of behavior, children would believe that what they are doing is right and they could simply do it again.


On the 28th of August, body positivity activist and mother, Allison Kimmey posted on her Instagram account regarding the fact that her 5-year-old daughter was called “fat” by one of their classmates at school. However, her daughter, Cambelle, gave her classmate one of the wisest comebacks ever.

“Yesterday at practice my shirt came up a little and my tummy was showing. The girl next to me looked at me and said that my tummy was fat,” the 5-year-old said, according to her mother’s Instagram post. “I told her that I am not fat, I HAVE fat. And that everybody has fat, and I told her it is okay to have fat.”

Kimmey then asked her daughter what her classmate’s reply was and Cambelle just said that her classmate said okay. This just explains how parenting can definitely help build a child’s character. It is this moment that Kimmey was described as a “parenting win.”

Kimmy stated that “I couldn’t believe that my 5-year-old daughter had been able to handle a situation with more grace than most 30-year old.” She also added that children are not born with hate within themselves, that they are all pure, however, children only learn words from their environment as well as the things that they usually hear or see.

Earlier this summer, she shared another story on her Instagram about Cambelle referring to her as fat, instead of getting offended or angry at her 5-year-old daughter, she gave her words of wisdom that the child definitely learned from.

Allison Kimmy with her daughter, Cambelle

“The truth is I am not fat,” Kimmey said after her daughter called her fat. “But I do have fat. We all have fat. Some people have a lot, and others don’t have very much. But that doesn’t mean that one person is better than the other.” These words obviously stuck to her 5-year-old daughter and Cambelle definitely managed to stand up to her self in such a remarkable way.


Allison Kimmey is often getting criticized because she may seem to be promoting obesity or being overweight. However, Kimmey said that she is only encouraging people to stand up for themselves and love what they look like despite how other people see them. After all, she is not telling people to eat unhealthily. That is why there are more and more people who are getting influenced in a good way.

Majority of people who have seen her posts on social media are filled with positivity.


According to Dr. Cynthia Dsauza of Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies at Texas Tech, body shaming actually involves when people criticize other people for how they look such as their size, shape, and color.

“People that do it doesn’t realize that their words and comments have such an impact on whoever is hewing those words,” Dr. Dsauza stated. “Our culture has this very pro-thin, anti-fat ideal. We associate having a smaller body size with success, beauty, popularity.”

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Posted by Allison Kimmey on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It is such a pity that there will always be people out there who will always criticize other people by their complexion or size. Unfortunately, because the adults do it, children are getting that same ugly habit as well. Always remember that criticizing other people in a really bad manner wouldn’t make you a better person, it will only make you worse than you already are. Let’s all be a great example to children and must treat one another with respect.

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