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The Amazing Benefits Of Bone Broth You Didn’t Know About!

If you are a health freak, you may have heard about bone broth and its many gut healing qualities. Bone broth is a clear, protein-rich liquid that you get obtained by boiling and simmering meaty joints and bones in water. You may think it sounds pretty similar to stock, yes it is but the only thing that separates it from the broth is its lengthy cooking time. Much like stock and it can be used in soups, stews, and risottos. So, should you start adding them to your diet, now? A resounding yes and here’s why!

But first, let’s find out how you can make bone broth? It is easy to make, the recipe is in fact pretty simple, you boil the chicken or lamb till the bones give out their healthy juices. You need to select the bones from the knuckles and feet. The cooking time must be low and slow and since it is cooked in an acidic ingredient it enhances its, nutrient enhancing properties. You can also add vegetables, herbs, and grains that can be added at the last minute to add the maximum flavor and nutrition.

It Has Anti Aging Properties

Bone broth is chiefly associated with collagen which is a structural protein that you usually find in skin, cartilage, and bone. When you boil it, the hot temperature breaks down the collagen in connective tissue to gelatine and various other health-promoting amino acids, such as glycine and glutamine. Consuming at least, 300 ml of bone broth can increase the plasma levels of the amino acid, glycine, and proline that forms collagen.

Research substantiates that when used as a supplement, it has been used to improve the hydrating, elasticity, and appearance of human skin. Collagen is particularly useful in helping the bone mineral density in postmenopausal women. It especially works when you combine it with resistance training. It led to more fat loss and more muscle gain. The same holds true of older men as well.

Great for Gut Health

Gelatine is the primary protein ingredient in bone broth. Once it finds its way into the digestive tract, gelatine binds with water and supports the healthy movement of food through the intestines.

Animal studies also suggest gelatine, apart from other amino acids found in bone broth can also contribute to healing inflammatory bowel disease although we need more research on that front.

Can Boost Immunity

It is the small intestine that is the place for maximum nutrient absorption, it is also the place where the body’s immune system lies. If the gut becomes compromised and becomes damaged by bad lifestyle choices and certain conditions, it leads to a leaky gut and comes up with a compromised immune system. Here is where the gut-protective qualities of the bone broth come in useful.

A recent study has shown that intravenous supplementation of the amino acid glutamine also offers proper support to the intestinal barrier function in patients who are chronically ill. Similarly, when you supplement with glycine you help increase the intestinal immunity and improve the diversity in the microbiome in mice, at least preliminary studies have shown as much.

Beneficial for Joint Health

Studies also show that collagen drawn from the chicken cartilage helps improve pain, stiffness, and joint function in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis.

Gelatine may also prevent injury prevention and help repair tissues. A recent study also revealed that gelatine used in conjunction with vitamin C improved collagen synthesis and also helped improved bone tendons.

Helps Improve Sleep

The key ingredient in bone broth has many beneficial properties including boosting healthy sleep patterns. The intake of dietary glycine has been improving the sleep quality of patients who suffer from insomnia. It is said that glycine contains body-temperature regulating qualities that help us embrace blessed restful sleep.

However, there is not enough scientific evidence supporting the benefits of bone broth, but the studies done on animals have been promising and the only takeaway here is it is easy to procure, and even easier to make. All you need is a few ingredients and a bit of patience to cook it up and make your very own large batch of bone broth. However, it takes time to show results. So, follow this dietary pattern for some time to reap maximum benefits.

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