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This Is How You Can Have A Healthy Thanksgiving This 2021

Thanksgiving is all about having everything in plenty. You have a table with each seat occupied by someone close to your heart, a feeling of having a blessed life, and a whole lot of lip-smacking festive dishes which you can’t resist. Thanksgiving is all about overindulgence, from turkey and drinks to mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, from bread and pies to green bean casseroles and sweet potatoes. However, amidst this abundance and enjoyment, your health might take a hit, especially if you have certain health goals or working on a weight loss. With some careful planning as well as conscious decisions, you can enjoy your heart out on Thanksgiving without having to worry about your diet and weight loss goals.

Never Skip Your Meals

It’s a common belief that skipping meals would help you to avoid extra calories. It’s a myth. The practice of skipping meals can backfire as you could end up overeating later on. If you want to give your breakfast on Thanksgiving, a miss, the blood sugar levels in your body will come down. This will eventually force you to binge once you get a tasty platter.

Opt for a protein-rich breakfast such as a protein shake, Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts instead of skipping breakfast. For lunch, go for fresh vegetables and foods laden with fiber. Also, keep a snack like hummus, cottage cheese, or fresh veggies.

Find Some Time For Exercise

Exercising all year round is good for your health. Kick start your Thanksgiving with some physical activity. Go out for a walk in the morning, run on the treadmill, or do some workout before you host your guests or head towards a Thanksgiving dinner. In case your gym is not open on the occasion of Thanksgiving, never mind. You can always sneak out some time for a workout session at home.

Drink Moderately

Several drinks are high in calories. Average beer or even soda contains 150 calories. Instead of drinking throughout the afternoon, save your drinks for the actual Thanksgiving meal. If you can get wine, you can have it during your holidays. If you don’t hydrate your body while drinking, there is a high possibility of overeating. So make sure that you have ample water, black coffee, unsweetened tea, etc, all through the day to stay hydrated. This will prevent you from binging later on.

Don’t Have Plenty of Everything

Choose what to eat as you would do at a restaurant. You probably wouldn’t eat everything available on the menu. If you want a taste of everything on the table, keep your portion size small. Add a few bites of what’s on offer to your plate. Hence, you won’t feel that you have missed out on any dish. Moreover, you can keep a check on your calorie intake as well.

Fiber is Good

Since having a good amount of fiber is fulfilling, there are very few chances of overeating. Fill up your Thanksgiving plate with leafy greens, green beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and other non-starchy veggies. The vegetable platter is good for your health as it fills you with a proper amount of fiber. Aside from that, you can also keep your calorie intake in control. If you are invited to someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner, you can bring along a platter of healthy veggies so that everyone gets a share of light and nutritious meals.

Skip What You Normally Eat Throughout the Day

If you want to keep your calorie intake within limits, you can skip any item you usually have all year round. You often tend to add mashed potatoes, butter, rolls, etc., to your daily diet. You don’t need to add such items to your Thanksgiving platter. There will be a lot of other special food items that you hardly get to enjoy throughout the year. Savor them.

Eat Consciously

Don’t force the food into your mouth. Not only will it look awkward, but it’s also unhealthy. If you want to enjoy the flavors and textures of everything present on the table, savor all of them slowly. Don’t gulp down everything. Take time to chew your food. This will help you know when you are full and need to stop.

Having proper control of what you are eating and doing a bit of exercise will do you a world of good, helping you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner without giving trouble to your body.

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