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Celebrities & Their Amazing Net Worth – They Don’t Call Them Rich & Famous For Nothing

Bruce Willis – Est. $180 Million

When it comes to action movies, Bruce Willis is one of the biggest names in this movie genre. Undoubtedly, he is the man to watch out for if you want to watch some action-packed flicks. Some of his biggest films include Last Man Standing, Mercury Rising, Tears of the Sun, and Hostage. But among his list of action movie credits, Willis is most known for his role as John McClane in the hit movie series Die Hard.

But of course, Willis hasn’t only limited himself to this genre. Bruce Willis has also tried his hand at comedy after he guest-starred in a couple of episodes on Friends and lent his voice in the animated movie Over the Hedge. Aside from comedy, Willis is also big in the science fiction and horror genre (remember his impeccable acting in The Sixth Sense?)

The talented actor has deservedly earned a lot of moolah in his bank account, and while he isn’t as active in the industry now, he still has enough money to live quite the luxurious life — an estimated $180 million to be exact. With that kind of wealth, Willis is set for life and has nothing to worry about!

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