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Celebrities & Their Amazing Net Worth – They Don’t Call Them Rich & Famous For Nothing

Abby Lee Miller: Est. $2 million

Abby Lee Miller is a popular dance instructor and starred in a reality television show when she appeared in several seasons, eight to be exact in Dance Moms, of the popular reality series on Lifetime.

The show turned her into an overnight star, and Miller lapped up all the appreciation and accolades that came her way. At one point, there were all these rumors doing the rounds that Miller had declared himself bankrupt. However, we aren’t too sure about the truth and shouldn’t be commenting on it.

She has been a big part of Dance Masters of Pennsylvania and has received a certification course from Dance Masters of America, a prestigious academy. Miller’s recent cancer diagnosis makes it impossible for her to remain in the entertainment circuit. Her cancer treatments did impact her net fortune, but she has around $2 million under her belt.

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