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Curb Your Hunger Cravings and Lose Weight Now!

More often than not, cravings get the better of us and kill our best intentions to lose weight. Cravings can come in powerful surges and are often uncontrollable. If you are too busy to eat breakfast and lunch, what is the next thing you are most likely to do? Open the next package of chips you see, and you eat away to glory. When you are starving, you are much likely to eat unhealthy than healthy food. However, you can still overcome the hunger cravings and lose weight. Here are some ways to fight cravings.

Find Out Why You Are Hungry

While you will fight your cravings, you have to accept that cravings are normal. However, there may be a reason why you are hungry, and you need to understand the reason. Have you not eaten in a while? And craving for foods high in fat or sugar. The best way to avoid cravings is to continue to eat nutritious foods in between to stop you from eating unhealthy foods. You are much likely to cheat on your diet when you are famished.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast sets the tone for the day and helps you begin your day right as it helps regulate your blood sugar levels. It can also control your cravings in the latter part of the day. It is also important that you eat the right foods, and your breakfast should be high in protein. When you eat a high-protein breakfast, you feel full and hence fight your cravings better.

Tea Can Calm a Hungry Stomach

Tea is one of the most effective beverages that can help comfort and calm a hungry stomach, and while at it, it can also keep you hydrated. And although it is a beverage, it can keep you full. You can have teas that contain adaptogens and keep you calm and stress-free. When you are in a calmer state of mind, you are much less likely not to reach out for unhealthy foods.

Breathe Deep

While you may be facing a plate full of cookies and want to devour it, take a pause and take a few deep breaths before you open that bag. Breathing can help you hit the pause button, especially when you’re feeling an irresistible craving. It works for you because it helps you slow down and relax, so you can evaluate exactly what’s happening and come to terms with your craving, even having better control over it.

Distract Yourself

When you are hungry and want to devour a tub of chocolate ice cream, do something else instead. You can even go for a walk. Or you can listen to a podcast, do yoga and turn your mind away from the food. Cravings can last only for a few minutes, so you will forget your craving by the time you complete your activity. Even when you order food on an app or something, wait for some time, do something else, and soon you may find out that you were not hungry, just bored.

Don’t Binge-Watch and Binge Eat

While it is good to distract yourself when you are craving a bag of chips, the plan may fall flat on its face if you watch something and keep on eating. When you are distracted and eat, you tend to eat even more. Then you don’t listen to your brain giving you cues that you have had enough food. When you use smartphones while eating, you may end up eating more calories than you originally intended.

Avoid Low-Fat Processed Foods

Foods made with artificial sweeteners can reduce your calorie intake when you’re eating them, but studies also prove that you also may eat more calories in the latter part of the day. Ditch all the refined and artificial sugar from your diet if it is making you eat more food in the long run!

Also, it helps when you stash away all the unhealthy foods away from your eyes. Better still, they are not at your home. Keep healthy food around you and always eat mindfully. This way, you won’t binge on any snacks, healthy or unhealthy. When you eat, though, savor each bite and eat slowly and with concentration and enjoy the whole process of eating or snacking. After all, what is the use of snacking if you do not enjoy it?

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