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Here Are the Downsides of Fad Diets That You Should Know About!

We are always looking for quick fixes and fad diets to lose extra weight. All we think of is losing the extra pounds by hook or crook, hardly bothering to find out what would happen soon? Will this diet plan help us in losing weight and gaining health? A quick weight loss program seems like a great idea initially, but soon you’ll discover that such diets can be dangerous for you in the long run! What are fad diets?

These are diets that promise you a great amount of weight loss in a shorter period. This is the opposite of what a balanced diet looks like as you have to sacrifice a certain macronutrient for the other. That’s right, either you have to sacrifice carbs for fats or protein. Most of these diets are not sustainable. Ask yourself – can you give up carbs forever? Or fats or protein for that matter? You certainly can’t. Check out a few other downsides of fad diets below.

You May Start Feeling Dehydrated

When you lose weight quickly, it is mostly the water weight that you lose and this can make you feel dehydrated. Your body tends to burn more calories and lose excess weight in stages, and if you force your body to lose more weight than it naturally wants to, it may cause more health problems. Whenever you are trying to lose weight, you need to drink lots and lots of water.

This will not only stop you from getting dehydrated but it will also quell your untimely hunger pangs. So, try and drink at least one or two glasses right before a meal. It is more important to increase the hydration levels when you are into intensive exercises. This will counteract the amount of water you lose via sweating.

You May Feel Swamped by Fatigue

Fad diets may stop you from consuming enough calories, which may translate into the energy your body needs to get through the day. If you fast or eat less than what your body requires to lose weight too quickly, you’ll find yourself feeling fatigued for most of the day. Try and eat smaller meals throughout the day, this will help boost your metabolism and help you lose the extra weight more healthily.

It Can Mess Up Your Digestive System

While healthily losing weight can be good, what is not very good is losing weight all too quickly as it can cause you digestive distress. It can then alternate between bad bouts of severe diarrhea and later constipation. If you continue to lose the water weight over an extended time it can cause dehydration – a condition that may prove to be life-threatening in severe cases. Always ensure that you have an adequate amount of fiber in your diet as it can not only help you stay fit but also assist you to lose weight sustainably.

Poor Nutrition May Lead to Malnutrition

Crash diets and unregulated fasting are dangerous, especially if you restrict nutritious food such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while all you consume are unhealthy amounts of fats and protein. This will prevent your body from absorbing optimum levels of vitamins and minerals it requires to stay healthy. If you restrict your body from consuming normal caloric intake over an extended time, your body will be deficient in essential nutrients and you may become malnourished in the long run. So, before starting on any diet plan, do talk to a doctor, so that you sustainably lose weight and learn about the dietary supplements you may need to take in case you are losing out on any.

So, whether it is the Master cleanse, the cabbage soup diet, the GM diet, or for that matter – the Keto Diet, all the of these are fad diet plans that can only be followed under a doctor’s supervision. It is necessary to consult a medical specialist as the sudden loss of electrolytes can seriously affect your health, so it is always important not to hasten weight loss just because you are impatient; you have taken so long to put on that weight, it’s not going to go away in a hurry. Hence, it is smart to skip fad diets and stick to regular wholesome nutrition that promises weight loss and health.

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