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Flawless and Fabulous: These Hollywood Stars Are Still Gorgeous As Ever

Renee O’Connor – 1971

When we think of the series Xena:Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless often comes to mind. But there is another woman who made that series into what it is today — Renee O’Connor.

American actress Renee O’Connor does enjoy working in front of the camera but she also dabbles in working behind the scenes as a producer and even a director. Aside from her role as Gabrielle in the TV series, O’Connor is also known for her theatrical work such as Lady Macbeth, a role she played for two different theater groups namely Shakespeare by the Sea and House of Bards Theatre Company.

She is quite the talented woman, and to this day, she continues to work hard in theater productions. You’d expect for the stress of working constantly to reflect on her face but O’Connor looks as youthful as ever! We’re not sure what her beauty secrets are but one thing is for sure, she’s as gorgeous as ever!

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