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Here’s How You Can Buy A Condo In 2021

While many would shirk at the thought of investing in a condominium, the reality is it’s far more hassle-free when compared to townhouses and stand-alone homes. A condo is a single unit set within a multi-storied property like an apartment or a community. Akin to high rises, this kind of unit housed in a well-built, shared structure is a dream for most house dwellers.

There are amenities aplenty that homeowners can utilize, like gyms, pools, parks, playgrounds, and more. What’s great about these homes is the professional management that takes care of the upkeep and maintenance overall, in return for a small monthly or annual fee. In 2021, you can be a proud owner of a condominium too. Here’s how:

Know Your Lifestyle

Think clearly if your finances would permit laying your hands on the much-coveted property. Home buying is an exciting prospect, no doubt, but it makes to remember that a new HVAC unit or getting the repairs done for the roof should not be burdensome. If you can manage these well with what you earn, keeping your savings intact- then it’s a nice idea to proceed.

The backyard looks alluring, but its maintenance cost isn’t! So if you have to think on these terms, then a single apartment or stand-alone house is a feasible and wiser choice. Only those who are comfortable with the idea of a shared apartment lifestyle should think of condos.

Chalk Out The Amenities You Need

Condos mean you have amenities aplenty. Talk to your realtor and ensure you get all types of facilities that you rightfully deserve. Apart from factors like budget and location, see for yourself if the place you have chosen is the best fit for you, at least in terms of transportation. Hence, the amenities you choose when purchasing your apartment are deciding factors about whether you want to go for the house or not.

There’s nothing to feel shy about opening up about the kind of amenities you have put on your wish list. After all, you’re paying for it! Even when you don’t use some of them, like pools or playgrounds- remember having them with the condo will fetch you a greater resell value than most others.

FHA-Approved Condos Work Best

Realistically speaking, mortgages for condos might not be as easy as you would shell for other properties. Not many would know this; the development of the condo itself comes under strict scrutiny, which is also what stays as your personal finances. You can check the FHA website thoroughly to gain an idea about approved condos.

Also, do not forget to do an independent search on the web. Even when professional lenders’ requirements are similar to that of FHA, it’s always better to contact someone with experience in the mortgage sector. You would have the assistance of an expert and get the correct financing details for the purchase you make.

Check On The Property Management Company

You are making one of the most valuable purchases of a lifetime. So it’s right on your part to know who will be the in-charge of building, maintenance, and repairs. If the management that takes the onus of the property is poor, it’s evident that your property value will be highly affected in the long run or raise the HOA dues higher.

Touring condos, get the information right about who looks after daily operations and overall maintenance. There’s nothing to feel skeptical about asking direct questions like handling resident requests or who makes community rules, and so on. Don’t forget to do your research alongside.

Review Regulations And Association Fees

Just because you have a mortgage doesn’t mean you won’t pay association fees. For keeping track of the use of amenities and the general upkeep, this is important. At the same time, review the fees and see what it covers. This includes lawn care, cleaning, laundry, etc.

There are house rules that you should know—for example, noise limits, or booking of common areas and the like. You will find it relieving to know every detail well. This way, you can also figure out if the condo you have chosen or intend to do so is the perfect one or not. But make sure you run the plan through your financial advisor to see if it suits your investment portfolio.

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