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Here’s How You Can Motivate Your Aging Parents to Exercise!

Fitness isn’t something that just the youngsters need to worry about. It is important for everyone. This is especially for aging parents as they start getting frail and battle numerous health issues. You may now notice social media, especially emphasizing the importance of fitness and how you can get fit, get stronger and build muscles even if you are in the elderly age group. But the point is with age, they can get more resistant towards trying exercise.

They may think that they may hurt themselves or injure themselves. They are particularly resistant to trying resistance training. The onus falls upon us to encourage them to work out and sail through the aging process without very many hiccups. Exercise can improve your blood circulation, improve your heart health, foster a good mood, and ward off diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and more. So, here’s how you can make them more receptive to exercise.

Show Them the Way!

Join them for their workouts. Yes, your parents can be your best workout buddy. Also, exercise is pretty infectious. By that we mean, watching someone exercising will also make you want to join the fun. Your parents will also bite the bait and start exercising with you. Once they get hooked, there’s no looking back. They will want to join for your morning dose of yoga and strength training without needing any cajoling.

Do it Together!

Your elderly parents need a reason to start an exercise and some company to start. If you can get their friends to join you for your exercise routine, your parents are bound to follow with a child-like eagerness.  After all, there is no greater joy in discussing stuff as you try and contort your body over-complicated yoga poses. They could share the neighborhood gossip as they walked around the nearby park. Once they get into a routine and build a peer group, they are more likely to exercise.

Get Them a Physical Instructor

While you cannot force your parents to do something, a fitness instructor can make them do just that. Your parents may not be able to refuse them. A professional instructor may make them do the exercises and show them exactly how to do the exercises without risking injuries. With the instructors visiting your home every day, your parents may not have to venture out. Most older adults are averse to going out and maintaining a fitness routine. They may rather sit at home and do the things they are used to doing.

Dole Out Incentives

A reward strategy can come in handy with your parents. Track their progress and appreciate their efforts if they are able to reach certain targets in their fitness journey. Throw a party for them, take them to their favorite restaurant, cook something nice and healthy for them or just gift them something for their progress, something like a fitness tracker. This will encourage them to put in more effort to reach their fitness goals.

Tell Them All About the Benefits

Your parents may start exercising out of fear. Still, they may exercise with greater enjoyment when they know that there are so many benefits of exercise, how exercise can make them happy, courtesy of the happy hormones. Show them real-life examples and how someone you know has successfully reversed their disease or lost a lot of weight thanks to a regular fitness regime.

Also, they may start feeling better, even mentally stronger. They could do the things they may have always wanted, such as going for a trek or entering a competition. The benefits are endless, sit with them and make them understand the many health benefits so that they know that there are only two options to try, either to exercise or to exercise!

Now that you know how to get your parents to start their exercise journey, you have to know that there may be a lot of resistance from them initially. However, the key is to stay persistent, and soon your parents will start on their fitness journey without much ado. As they notice the results, they might go ahead on their fitness journey without much push from your end. Best of luck!

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