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Here’s The Secret To Having A Body Like Jennifer Lopez

Do you have the problem of committing to your workout schedule? Perhaps you’ve been at it for over a year and you’ve only noticed minimal changes? It is time to try something new, a workout program that guarantees you that dreamy body of yours.

Meet David Kirsch, the celebrity fitness trainer responsible for the stunning bodies of various stars including Jennifer Lopez, Kate Upton, who has shared his secret routine that guarantees getting you back in shape in fewer days or months than you expected.

You must be wondering ‘How?’ Let’s put you out of your misery… David Kirsch is well famed for his 32-minute express workout: a low-impact, body-sculpting exercise that includes taking part in wide stance squats, reverse lunges, a variety of plank exercises, to mention a few.

According to Kirsch, “Jennifer uses it all the time. She’s getting ready for Vegas now,” he continued, “It’s also very specific to celebrities but also non-celebrities. You’ve got mothers dropping their kids off, who’ve got a few minutes to get a good workout in and then feel great about the day.”

The express workout makes use of resistance bands, gliders, dumbbells, medicine balls, and nothing else! Kirsch gives the assurance that the routine could be concluded at home, and can be switched up to match various fitness levels.

Celebrity fitness trainer, David Krisch on a show giving some workout tips.

Read on for the full rundown of the routine, all of which can be recreated at home. Do each move for 20 reps, and hold planks for one minute except if directed otherwise.

Wide Stance Squat

In this move, you are required to stand up straight and keep your toes pointed outwards while opening up your legs in a way that is just a little wider than your shoulders. Then while holding a medicine ball straight ahead and overhead, descend into a squat. This focuses on abs, inner thighs, and gluteal muscles.

Reverse Lunges

Explaining this, Kirsch said “Bring your knee up and come back down,” It is important to keep your ankle and knee aligned to avoid injuries.

Plank on a Medicine Ball

Plank On a Medicine Ball with David Krisch

Situate your medicine ball on the floor, holding onto it while executing a 30-second plank. According to Kirsch, “Put your chest right over your hands,”

Lateral Lunge

Bring out your foot, moving your body down while situating your right heel on the glider. Perform same for your left side. The use of a medicine ball is optional. This aims at your gluteal muscles.

Dumbbell Row to Triceps Extension

Making use of dumbbells, begin in a plank pose, then lift your left elbow (the hand holding the weight) up toward the ceiling and extend towards the back. Ten reps on each side are recommended.

Shoulder Taps

Kirsch says “From a plank position, keep your hips squared off,” Then, with opposite hands, begin tapping your shoulders.

Side Planks

Rest on your side before putting your weight on your forearm while ensuring that your hips are situated up high. Keep your opposite arm up, and situate that same hand on your head, then reach toward your abs using that elbow.

Overhead Slams with Medicine Ball

Jennifer Lopez works out

This move requires a medicine ball. While keeping your legs apart and arms straight overhead, bounce the medicine ball on each side.

Torso Rotation with Resistance Band

Kirsch instructs “Bend your legs. Knees are locked. Arms are straight out. And rotate” You’re required to hold onto a resistance band the whole time, pulling across your body to aim at your obliques.

Squat with Row and Bicep Curls with Resistance Band

Making Use of resistance bands squat down, bringing the band toward your body in a curl as you rise.

Tricep Extensions with Resistance Band

Erect with your back facing the resistance bands, reach for them, bringing them straight overhead and past your face.

Medicine Ball Sit-ups

This takes your usual sit-ups up a notch. Lift the medicine ball up while simultaneously coming up to accomplish a sit-up.

Weighted Jackknives

Lying down while holding the medicine ball, lift your arms and legs to meet overhead your torso.

Russian Twists

Sitting up while still holding your medicine ball, turn your body to enable you to bounce the ball on the floor on each side. This aims at the obliques.

Push-ups with Glider

Use one glider on your left hand, while in a sit-up position. While descending for the push-up, stretch that hand to the side. Do the same with your right hand.

Pike-up Planks

Gliders are needed for this one. Commencing in a plank position, bring your feet (using gliders) in then separate them as you bring them back out. This move targets the legs and the glutes.

And there you have it! The secret behind Jennifer Lopez’s awesome body!

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