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Is Kim Kardashian’s Cheat Meal Healthy? Here’s What Nutritionists Have to Say

We all have our favorite foods, everyone does. The tastes and aromas increase our thirst for them constantly that many times we don’t always get enough of it. The unquenchable desire to go for an extra bite is always a tough temptation to resist.

For Kim Kardashian, she intended to have the last fill of her best food. On Sunday’s episode of her famous show, Keeping with the Kardashians, she was shown to have gone out with her sister, Khloe and Jonathan Cheban, moving around New York to get some pizza slices and chocolate ice cream topped with rainbow toppings.

She had already planned to make the yummy spree her goodbye farewell to her favorite food before diving into a brand new “style of living that I believe will give me a stunning body,” according to her statement.

But her ardent fans already have enough of her ‘stunning body, ‘ yet she seems to think otherwise. It is suspected she wants to start a strict dieting mission to this effect. Cheban, Kim’s BFF is of the opinion that she won’t be able to maintain such new dieting habit. ” Sudden change of habit is not easy to sustain, from experience,” he said: ” So I don’t think she will last with it. She cannot stop eating pasta,“ Cheban concluded.

In a reprisal clap back, Kim defended herself: “I’ll be devoted to this course, You will be surprised,” she said.

But in reality, Cheban’s point of view might be correct after all because health experts have buttressed this notion. Julie Upton, RD and Appetite for Health co-founder says, “ Diet that is based on the make-believe that you can restrain from your best foods won’t last. It is self-deception to assume that you can run away from dishes that make you crave for more bite.”

” You need extraordinary zeal to stick to your plan when embarking on a bout-then-restrain plan when foods you can’t do without are involved.” Claudia T. Felty said. “ You can’t avoid these foods altogether. They will be all over your face and sooner than you think, your resistance level will go low. It is a psychological thing” she explained.

Upton also corroborated that Kim planned style of dieting will soon go off the plan because ” even though the system will ensure an effective eating habit, but in disguise, it will only start hunger to end the diet quickly and get back to eating one’s best foods,” she says.

The moment you make up your mind to see the foods you like as red-flags, you’will probably zero your mind on them as things to avoid. “ We feel the need to own what is far from our reach,” Felty says, ” This eagerness can give rise to other serious yearnings,” she says. Hence, you can start treating the diet issue as if it is a moral affair that you need to guide jealously. Upton explains “ This mentality enslaves the mind to start categorizing foods as ‘good food’ and ‘bad food. This can have a negative effect on people’s relationship with their best foods,” she added.

It is more clever to use an approach that helps dieting individuals to find a balance in their eating system. The plan is to harmonize your lifestyle with food preferences and then to take easy-to-practice means to maintain it. “A person whose favorite is pasta and bread should not go for ketogenic diet because it will just be a waste of time,” Upton says, “They will always have the unending yearnings to get a taste of bread and pasta,” she concluded.

“It is safer instead, to follow a Mediterranean-style diet that gives room for some grains to be consumed and this can result in gradual but steady weight loss plan,” she says.

Both diet experts, Felty and Upton, prescribed the rule of 80-20. This rule implies that dieters should adhere strictly to healthy eating plan 80% of the time and 20% of the time should allow for indulgence in their favorite foods that are not part of the dieting plan on a daily basis, like pizza and ice cream. Also, regular exercise and consumption of these foods at moderate amount should be religious observances. Felty says that dieters should not be afraid because the combination of their healthy eating which is 80% and their best foods which is 20% will not make their weight loss mission aborted.

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