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How to Make the Most of Your HIIT Workouts?

While HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is one of the most effective workouts for fat loss, there are several things to keep in mind if you want to make the most of them. You need to focus on several things. The first thing to note here is more is not necessarily better when it comes to exercise programming, it’s most important to make workouts short and smart yet effective.

Also, high-intensity interval training needs you to abide by the safety guidelines, especially when you also include heavyweights. While strength training combined with HIIT can be the fastest way to burn fat and build lean muscles, it is easier said than done, simply because not only do you have to warm up before your workout, but also maintain proper form throughout the routine. We suggest you include at least two to three short yet sweet sessions of HIIT workouts to accelerate the fat-burning process.


A warm-up is essential for any exercise routine let alone a HIIT workout, simply because it prepares your muscles and gets you ready for the upcoming physical activity. When you are warming up, try to focus on a muscle group that will get you working. For instance, if you’re doing a HIIT-based arm workout, try and include arm circles and modified push-ups, to begin with, to warm up those muscles that you are going to target later in the workout.

Focus on Correct Form

As per Harvard Health, poor form can lead to injuries and poor results. Align your body properly and move smoothly throughout the exercise. If you feel the impact of the workout, such as strain or pain in any particular area of your body other than feeling general muscle fatigue in the area that you’re working out, it may show that you are doing it all wrong and you need to correct the form.

Start With Smaller Weights

When you use weights, always maintain proper form. If you’re are a newbie and have just begun using dumbbells, start with lighter weight and then gradually work your way up. First start with slow movements, slow lifting, and then move up to controlled descents. Then slowly increase and intensify the movements as you build up to HIIT. Ensure you discuss this out with your personal trainer to understand your capacity in lifting weights.

Only a Few Days a Week

HIIT is a great form of workout but something you should not do every day of the week. It is mainly because as you work at 85-95% of VO2Max ( you push your heart, lungs, and muscles to the maximum to use oxygen), your stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol can increase. Doing too much can even impact your immune system and can make you more prone to falling sick. Start with HIIT and do workouts with at least 24 to 48 hours between various sessions.

It may replenish your energy stores and repair muscles. However, if you choose to do a HIIT session, you can opt for low to moderate intensity and work on different muscle groups or movements. It can help build muscle and also prevent injury. You can increase hydration and work on nutrition aspects such as pre and post-nutrition.

Continue to Switch it Up

Even if you start with an intense workout such as HIIT with weights, you can continue to work on gains and see results. Continue to work slowly towards your goals. This is because your muscles can take time to be more flexible to changing workouts. You need to switch it up since you get used to the particular form of workouts and the intensity of the same. Once you get used to a particular intensity workout, you can make it more challenging and reach your goals, this will challenge your body and keep on improving your fitness levels. Follow a particular form of workout for six weeks at least and then change the workout intensity to the next level.

If you are doing just HIIT, you need to add strength training to your routine. If you are only doing strength training include HIIT, this way you add more variety to your routine and get the best of both worlds. We have tried HIIT and have got some amazing results, let us know how HIIT has changed your body for the better!

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