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Need To Make A Career Switch? Here Are Some Motivating Factors to Do So!

Changing careers can mean one thing – either you are scared out of your wit’s end or you are scared out of your wit’s end. That’s right, changing paths midway can get to the best of us, especially when the job you are doing now is assured ground. Suddenly transferring your skills and experiences to a new career can be scary. Say you’re an investment banker who wants to shift gears and provide financial services for nonprofits. Or maybe you’re a teacher who is thinking of joining the fitness industry. Yes, career switches lead you to do something completely different.

Well, you are not the only one who is trying to change gears and want to change the path. A recent survey showed that there were at least 32% of the workers between the ages of 25 and 44 are considering a career change and at least 29% have already gone ahead and changed their job. Is it just their courage or boredom that makes them change the way they work. What could be the reasons that make them go for such a paradigm shift?


Most people who are thinking to change their jobs are looking for a salary hike. As per research, 39% of those who are looking for a job or career change are after a substantial pay hike. Sometimes just changing your job may not be enough, you need to change your career to get a salary hike of somewhere between 3% and 5%. A change of careers can often be the only way to get a solid salary jump. Most people may be scared to take the plunge, however, there is much to gain from a career change and in these cases, the grass is surely greener on the other side.

Career Satisfaction

Professionals feel they are stuck in a rut and do not get the kind of job satisfaction they were looking for when they began their journey. A higher level of job satisfaction can act as the ultimate motivational factor. Say, you are a middle manager who is looking to secure a higher position in the industry and getting an upper-management position. Another instance may be, looking at stagnation in the career with no hope of advancement. This may make you switch to a new career that can promise you a plethora of benefits.

Uninspiring Leadership

Another top reason that may compel a person to move on is that they may be unsatisfied by the leadership at their current workplace. Leadership often inspires workers to achieve their goals. If the higher management is not inspiring enough, the productivity of workers can often falter and go downhill. The other things that can kill motivation are lack of recognition, minimal benefits, and low compensation. These are often the driving factors that can lead employees to leave their current job and look for better and more lucrative career options.

Work Flexibility

Work flexibility can act as a big motivational factor for a career change. Employees who are struggling between two careers, the demands of their personal lives often want and may need a flexible role. Trying to find an ideal work-life balance is one of the top reasons to change careers.

Changing Goals

Some employees are often interested in working in an industry or nonprofit that makes the world a better place to live in; it may be the environmental sphere or social programs that can support the underprivileged. A sudden career change can stem from a change in philosophy or life goals.

Change For the Better

Whatever may be reasons for changing careers, one of the best ways to smash your goals is to change your current action plan. This can keep you accountable and can promise you great success in the road ahead.

If you are wondering what would be your next step in the career you can meet up with a career coach who will guide you, take you through the next steps, and get you on the right track. While a career change can make you feel bewildered about the many options; what you need is ample time to think it out and understand the pros and cons of a new career. Of course, you need motivation too with oodles of confidence to triumph over the next phase of your life. But, once you have set your mind to it – yes, you have got this!

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