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What is the New Fad on the Exercising Block – Mermaiding? Learn About its Benefits!

Who does not want to be a mermaid in real life? Well, even if you love to be one, it is not practically possible, or is it? This latest fitness fad is hitting the town and everyone is jumping into the water complete with their shiny fins to splash around and get some serious workout. There are in fact countless reasons to try mermaiding, primarily to improve your overall well-being!

Fitness is all the more fun when you try out new and novel things that keep challenging you every step of the way. Otherwise, boredom may hit you and you may stop exercising. So, keep doing something as interesting as mermaidingand once you take to it, there is no way of looking like a mermaid out of water.

It’s a Full Body Workout

Mermaiding is not just good for your legs or biceps, it is great for your whole body. It helps tone your body’s muscles right from head to foot. When you swim through the water you may have to depend on your arms, back, shoulders, glutes, legs, and core to move forward. This way you can work every muscle in your body and it is a whole lot of fun. When you work in the water, it works as resistance, and when you vary the intensity of the movements right from big to small movements, you work every inch of your body.

It Improves Flexibility

Swimming offers great flexibility and when you elongate your body right from fingertips to the foot during a swim, you reap off greater benefits, more than any other kind of exercise you do on land. Again the resistance of the water will offer you a more challenging workout. Hence, the better results!

It Improves Upon Your Endurance Levels

Mermaiding is a great exercise to work on your heart rate and improve your endurance. In fact, when you swim underwater you push your lung capacity to the maximum. This improvement will go a long way in improving your cardiovascular system. Once you build upon your endurance levels, you’ll be able to play better at other sports.

It Can Help You Drop Those Extra Pounds

Because of the various weight-bearing properties of water, mermaiding can help you lose extra weight without the fear of injury. If you struggle in the past trying to find the perfect workout to lose weight, then the mermaid workout is just what you require, swimming through the water with the help of a mermaid tail on for size! Also, it is a low-impact sport that has much lesser chances of injuries.  If you are suffering from any kind of pain, you can try the mermaid exercises as they may be a lot less painful. It has been shown to reduce pain if a person is suffering from a particular type of illness and disability.

It Also Helps Build Confidence

Mermaiding is also a great way of expressing yourself. Moving your body with strength can be really empowering! Putting on a mermaid tail can also impact your mood in a positive way. What’s more, it can also flip your fin to live longer. In fact, swimmers had a 50% lower death rate when compared to runners or non-exercisers. Other studies show that swimming can lower blood pressure and keep your blood sugar levels in control.

It is a Major Stress Buster

Being a mermaid can also improve your mood and help manage stress. In fact, going underwater can be really relaxing. You can shut out the noise and swim in the water. Studies have shown that swimming like a mermaid can quickly reduce your stress. It’s a sport that is suitable for all ages. Mermaiding can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you are eight or eighty, you can do it even if you are pregnant.

Well, there’s no better way to swim, lose weight and improve your health parameters than going the mermaid way. That’s right, the next time you want to try a different form of exercise, you can certainly try the mermaid form of exercising. Not all the swimming clubs around you know may have mermaiding. So, try and find out which swimming club around you have it. Go ahead and book yourself a perfect session. You deserve it!

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