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How to Start Your Day With Positivity and Motivation

Learning how to begin your day right and with positivity is something not many of us can muster up and that too with regularity. If you really hate your job, you may find it difficult to push yourself to go to work every single day. However, even if you love your job, there are mornings when it would be difficult to get out of bed and jump back into your old ho-hum routine, the excitement of work wears thin.

However, if you constantly motivate yourself, you may feel the familiar stirrings of motivation and feel increased energy levels, more enthusiasm, sustainable results, and more. Instead of seeking motivation outside, you can seek it within yourself too. Here’s how you can begin your day with a lot of positivity and pursue your work with enthusiasm and perseverance.

Remind Yourself Why You Should Start Working in the First Place

Very often employees base their motivation on things like accolades, bonuses, and promotions. But these are just mini motivational hacks and they won’t go a long way. Try and seek motivation right from the inside. The simplest way to identify these motivational sources is to find out your ‘why’. This sense of purpose will fuel your journey ahead.

Try The Hemingway Technique

Ernest Hemingway’s brilliant speech can give you the perfect workday motivation. He had a technique where he left an unfinished last chapter or paragraph at the end of the day, especially when he knew how it was going to end. Then when he sat down at the desk the day after, he could begin writing and start on the day with great momentum and capitalize on that motivation spurt at the early part of the day.

Take inspiration from this technique as a workday motivation. Instead of staying in for Friday or trying to wrap things up on the weekend, leave some unfinished business to start on Monday, to propel your work the right way.

Seize the Day

If you have a lot of meetings scheduled at the early part of the day, try and take control by planning and scheduling in a way that you look forward to your meetings. Set up a coffee meeting or a conference call with a colleague who is usually very creative and upbeat so their enthusiasm will rub off on you.

You can also get motivation from a family member. You can bounce off ideas at breakfast together and use it as a little motivation force to power through the day. A good beginning will help you get a whole lot of momentum and carry out your regular work with determination and positivity.

Celebration of Achievements is the Key

If you’re struggling to start working, it may be time to give yourself a reward for all the small and big work you do. Did you finish up your presentation in time? Great! You could treat yourself to a nice delicious evening meal to celebrate the achievement.

It holds true for all the smaller tasks as well. If you have been working hard all morning, give yourself a 15-minute break and this will keep you motivated so that you stress less for the remaining part of the day. When you set goals for yourself and plan a reward too, you will have something to look forward to. A reward, however, small will help you smash all your goals with greater verve.


You may experience many ups and downs, and there will be times when all you would want is to give up as you feel unproductive and a bit of a failure. Remember, this feeling is completely normal and you can change it if you want. Just use the tips above to bring back your lost enthusiasm and continue to push yourself to improve. Continue to find time in your weekly routine and change it now and then so that you never settle for the dull regular things. A few chopping and changing to your routine will start becoming interesting and inspiring before you know it. In this case, motivation or the lack of it will never act as a hurdle in your career path. Your life will be full of positivity and you will be able to move on in life with a lot of success.

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