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Surprising Quirky Food Habits of Hollywood Stars

Hollywood celebrities, with their luxurious lifestyles and high-maintenance markets, are known to possess unconventional food habits and routines. Since we all are quite curious about what they eat and how they maintain their figures, it might come as a surprise that some Hollywood food rituals are quite strange and bizarre and unusual, to say the least.

However, celebrities swear by them and stick to their quirky food habits religiously. Now, let’s go ahead and explore some of the bizarre food habits of Hollywood stars.

Salma Hayek’s Bizzare Salad Treatment

Known for her flawless complexion, Salma Hayek owes her beauty secret to an unusual salad ingredient. Salma applies salad dressing on her hair instead of using shampoo.

Elle / From Salma Hayek and the Kardashians to Jennifer Lawrence, there is e a non-ending list of Hollywood icons who are known for their quirky food habits.

She believes that the natural ingredients of the dressing help nourish her hair and improve its shine.

Channing Tatum’s Random Sandwich

Next up: “Magic Mike” star Channing Tatum believes in quite an unusual sandwich filling. Channing prefers his sandwich with a combination of peanut butter, jelly, Cheetos, and Doritos. Some people find this combination to be a strange one but he loves the sweet and salty taste of this unique sandwich.

Sometimes, the star also removes the Cheetos and substitutes them with Fritos instead.

Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Quirky’ Pizza Creation

First up: Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-winning actress, has a contagious love for pizzas. However, this actress has a unique style of preparing a pizza.

The Sun / Popular Hollywood star, Jennifer Lawrence ‘sees her future in pizza. No pun intended!

Fairly so! She constantly comes up with the world’s quirkiest pizza. Jennifer adds Doritos chips on top of the cheese to add an extra crunch.

Scarlett Johansson’s Quirky Cleanser

Scarlett Johansson’s nighttime beauty routine sounds peculiar, but it does wonders for her skin. The “Iron Man” actress adds apple cider vinegar to a bowl of hot water and places her face over the steam vapor.

In turn, this opens her pores and helps cleanse her skin naturally.

Kim Kardashian’s Rice-water Trick

Kim Kardashian has shared with her fans that she has been taking rice-water baths for ages. She believes that the high starch content in rice helps nourish the skin and hair.

However, Kim also adds essential oils to the rice water to create an intoxicating fragrance.

The Talks / Kim Kardashian uses rice water to make her hair grow at a rapid pace – along with giving a glowing look.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Strawberry Trick

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s food regimen might sound odd. But it is based on scientific research. She consumes strawberries to help whiten her teeth naturally.

The secret lies in the high amount of Vitamin C in strawberries. Something that helps eliminate plaque from her teeth.

The Final Word

Celebrities might be known for their bizarre ways of life and habits, but we cannot deny the entertainment that they bring. Sometimes, these celebrities reveal their beauty and health tips that can help shape our own routines for betterment.

Although it is uncertain if these unique food habits work for all, it is still interesting to learn and appreciate the different opinions and practices of our favorite Hollywood stars.

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