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Want to Live Till a Hundred? The Centeranian Diet Can Actually Help You to Live Long and Stay Healthier!

In this day and age, living past 100 years of age is no mean feat. However, some people have been able to get closer to this incredible feat. What is their secret? From someone like Kane Tanaka, one of the oldest living people in Japan. (She is all of 118 years old) Dexter Kruger, who became the oldest living Australian man at 111 years, all have their dietary hacks to beat diseases and aging and live healthily.

However, besides their effective dietary plan, there is more to learn from them. They do not take life too seriously and do not let worrying get the better of them. As Thelma Sutcliffe (114 years) from the USA would tell you, worrying about living long won’t get you to live past 100. Instead of it enjoying the little moments is what will help you get there. Here are some of the dietary habits followed by centenarians who are enjoying a lovely long life.

Homecooked Food for the Win

Instant food has been the bane of this generation. The only way they will eat anything is when they make it themselves or at home. Nutritionists agree processed food contains too much sodium and may make you put on weight, raising your blood pressure in the process.

And it makes sense that a meal of oatmeal, grits, and rice can score over instant food any day. You cut down on all-the-bad stuff as you make foods from scratch and know exactly how much of the good things you add to the recipe.

They Believe Fiber is King

Centenarians understand the importance of a healthy bowel system and hence stick to their greens and bran cereals. Upping your fiber intake to 25 grams to 30 grams a day can prevent constipation and help you stay regular. Get your daily dose of spinach, broccoli, and all kinds of green veggies.  A diet full of veggies can also help reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

Say No to Chocolates Said No Centenarian Ever

As Kane Tanaka will tell you, and she’s lived to tell the tale, she is well into her 100’s and says chocolates find a permanent place in her diets more than often. Well, chocolate is not only mood-boosting but the right kind. The flavonoid-rich dark chocolates are full of magnesium and keep your heart healthy.

Well, you may say no to greasy cakes and sinful ice-creams, but the right kind of chocolates can not only curb your sweet tooth but also stop you from going overboard.

They Say Yes to Coffee

You don’t have to overdo the coffee bit, but a little cuppa here and there will help you switch the sunshine mode on. Both coffee and tea are some of the key drinks in longevity diets. Going healthy does not mean giving up your favorite foods. Instead, eat everything in moderation, so you don’t feel unsatisfied and grumpy.

Research agrees coffee has been one of the key factors to reduce the risk of stroke, depression, Parkinson’s, and more, so don’t force yourself to kick up the caffeine habit just because your neighbor is doing so. If it gives you joy and you know when to draw the line to the number of cups you consume, then go ahead indulge in your cup of joe.

Stop When you Are Eighty Percent Full

Don’t starve yourself but instead practice intuitive eating. Eat small meals throughout so you don’t end up eating too much at one go. Different people have different calorific needs, but the rule is to stop eating when you are 80 % full. The only way to achieve this is to eat without distractions. No TV, mobile or any other gadgets, so you will know exactly when to stop eating.

Eat Carbs But in Moderation

As you grow older, you start experiencing blood sugar issues, so to get greater control of the same, eat carbs in moderation. Eating too many carbohydrates in one sitting may spike your levels. So, combine your carbs with good quality protein and fiber. This one trick alone will ensure you have a tight rein on your blood sugar levels.


As you follow these dietary hacks, you also need to understand that while eating right is important, living your life is also very important. Lucille Randon, the world’s second-oldest person, will tell you drinking red wine keeps her healthy to the ripe young age of 117. Well, if she can do it, so can you, right?

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