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Woman Loses 150 Pounds By Walking and Cutting Carbs

Just looking at a picture turned her life around!

At this point, Puglielli decided to work on her weight.

Emily Puglielli, from Connecticut, once attended a wedding ceremony in the company of her husband. Memorable pictures of the guests were taken at the event. When the ceremony was over, and Emily got one copy of the images, she was embarrassed by what stared back at her. “I couldn’t believe that I carried so much weight and bulk!” Emily said. “So right there and then, I made up my mind to work on myself.”

That was around 2012.

Puglielli garnered weight when she was pregnant, in addition to her height of 5 feet 7 inches. She did not lose the weight until an emotional eating disorder hits her at the same time. She ate uncontrollably.

“I became a food freak, using it as a source of comfort,” she said.

The image on the photo she received from the couple whom she attended their wedding changed everything henceforth. Emily was more than ready to transform herself. She started making consultations on the best diets that can fit her scope, after so many research, she settled for a minor-carb method.

“I deleted majority of my carb content meals like chips, sugars, and bread,” she said. “When I started this new style, I saw positive results,” Emily noted.

Within one year of her dieting adventure, she shed 102 pounds through the consumption of non-carb foods and frequent walking. The following year, she made more progress in her pound shedding mission as she continued to reduce.

In 2014, Emily commenced a couch-to-5K workout challenge and began spin classes. She was set to take her fitness hobby to the next aggressive level.

Puglielli’s before and weight loss success story

Then a near-catastrophe struck. All looked perfectly fine from the outward appearance, but she could feel that all was not well on the inside. Her legs suddenly felt strangely wet, like something was prickling her there. Further tests showed that she had severed a vertebra in her back region and her nerves were being compressed as a result. She was given two options, to either go for a spinal fusion surgery or become paralyzed, meaning she won’t be able to walk again. She took the first option which was the surgery, yet the aftermath was excruciating.

“I was in deep pain after the surgery,” she said. “I must confess that I’ve never felt so much discomfort in my life. To make matters worse, my kids need me a lot.”

Puglielli is half of what she weighed!

That was her condition for the next six months. Walking became a chore for her, and she still weighed 195 pounds. Depression sets in for her, and she was afraid to continue living like this in pain. She was confused about what next to do. She dreaded being paralyzed or living on drugs for life to survive.

“My first time of going to a gym was when I went to The Edge Fitness Clubs in Meriden, Connecticut,” she said. “Before then, all I did was just to take a walk, tie my footwears, climb the staircase and strut to work,” Emily explained.

She narrated her ordeal to the staff at the gym, and they understood her plight. She was matched with a trainer who worked closely with her. “He assisted me to rebuild my energy,” she said. Her training schedule was six days of work in a week. All she was required to do sometimes was to harmonize her body, then walk up and down the stairs. Her body needed to adjust to movements again before she could venture into workouts. But something good happened during her therapy, her weight reduced drastically. Her dream weight of 150 pounds was realized in July this year, more than what she ever anticipated.

Now she had graduated from walking to running.

This amazing transformation took 5 years

“I could only dream of running when I weighed 300 pounds. Running was never my hobby, but today, I can run very well,” Emily said. “It had not crossed my mind that I would be doing 100 pounds squats or a 5K run.”

The 38-year-old is elated by her present weight. “I have more energy now than before,” Emily explained.

Puglielli has these three tips for people out there who are also struggling with weight loss.

Believe it is possible

Don’t think you cannot do the tasks required for weight loss. “There is more power in you than you can see. So do it!” she advised.

Don’t expect every day to be good

“Consistency is all you need to overcome. Don’t worry about good days,” she said. “Don’t stop trying.”

Remember to be consistent

“Plan your work out daily schedule and be disciplined about it,” she advised.

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