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Woman Uses Unusual Oil To Cure Anxiety — Here’s What Happened

You might want to ask what CBD oil is? This is an oil cannabidiol found in cannabis. There are other common cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol also called THC. These are cannabis components that get people intoxicated. Out of more than 85 cannabinoid aggregate in a cannabis plant, only THC is psychoactive (meaning that its brain is altering).

Dominique Astorino, a fitness editor, narrated her experience with the oil which she purchased after it was recommended to her by Charlotte’s Web. Astorino decided to try the oil because she was assured it was a legal product. 

So she carried out this 7-day experiment with two products, CW Everyday Plus Hemp Oil in olive oil and CW Everyday Advanced Hemp Oil in mint chocolate flavor which costs $225 altogether. These are the results.

First Day

Dosage method: Two full dispensers of Everyday Advanced and mint chocolate flavor.

Dominique took the two dispensers of the mixture per the prescription CW gave to her. This equals to two portions, although the prescription of the supplement recommended taking full double dispensers of the solution two times per day. The approximate quantity was 92 mg of Hemp CO2 extract.

Results: No side effects. She felt very sleepy during the day, but her sleep was superb.

Second Day

Dosage method: One full dispenser of Everyday Advanced

Dominique tried to avoid fatigue by scaling back. She said she took SoulCycle that night because it was “already on my timetable” and she wanted to look vibrant, something which is extremely important to her.

Results: There wasn’t much activity for that day, but she felt relaxed. 

Third Day

Dosage method: One full dispenser of Everyday Plus and olive oil flavor

She decided to use the scaled-back and variety of oils, which included olive oil. Each portion of oils contained 25 mg of Hemp CO2 extract. She said she did this because she didn’t want to “take chances.”

Results: Dominique took the day as it came and her curiosity didn’t get much reward because she didn’t feel much anxiety and there weren’t many interesting things to carry out her experiment with.

Fourth Day

Dosage method: Two and a quarter dispensers of Everyday Advanced

This day was spectacular. She got the best out of CBD. She got to know that she had used an overdose of the oil. She noted that she wasn’t herself for hours.

Her experience that day started in a gridlock traffic jam, and she was held up for more than three hours. As someone who becomes anxious behind the wheel, she tried using extra drops of the oil at this point. 

Results: She got relief from her anxiety in 30 minutes. Astorino claimed she felt relaxed and became herself again. 

But things changed suddenly a few hours later. Dominique lost a grip on herself, and suddenly she was acting abnormally, losing focus and hungry, even when she already took dinner. Even after eating a full Italian dinner, she craved for coffee and ice cream an hour and a half later. It was harrowing for Astorino, who says that it was a digression from her regular meal habit.

Fifth Day

Dosage method: Half of one full dispenser of Everyday Advanced

Taking a cue from the previous day’s mild chaos, she scaled back and decided to stick to her experiment routine for the remaining two days.

Results: There was no event throughout that day. No negative side effects. No report to jot down and she was relaxed.

Sixth Day

Dosage method: One full dispenser of Everyday Advanced

Dominique fully recovered from the scene that happened two days earlier and scaled back to one full dispenser. Astorino felt relaxed even when driving. She was comfortable in traffic and even took coffee without triggering a panic attack.

Results: There was reduced anxiety from coffee consumption and awesome sleep.

Seventh Day

Dosage method: Two full dispensers of Everyday Advanced

Dominique scaled-up and prepared mentally for anything in case the same things that happened on the fourth day want to repeat themselves. But Astorino said she “won the battle” and she maintained her course without getting intoxicated. 

Results: She was plunged into a deep sleep without interruption all through the night.

She gave her report on the experiment, and it was positive. Astorino confirmed that CBD is good because it worked for her. She was amazed how it curbed her panic attack and reduced her anxiety.  She says it’s “unbelievable” that she doesn’t have to take “addictive” pills to cure her illness. 

Apart from all these properties of CBD oil, it also relieves pain, cures swelling, reduces anxiety, makes sleep easy, combats cancer, cures nausea, and helpful to epileptic patients.

Astorino says she hopes to shed light on the positive effects of CBD with her story. As a non-smoking fitness writer, she says she recommends CBD 100%. 


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