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You Won’t Believe It, Jeff Bezos Just Ate an IGUANA!

Jeff Bezos is the man behind the wheel of Amazon. As of 2018, he has a net worth of $130.5 billion

Bezos’ Feasting

Jeff Bezos made an appearance as one of the honored guests of the Explorers Club gala; an event that is hosted annually. In the glamorous party, black suits and ties were the main theme. Attendees were engaged with champagne toasts and meat, an animal edible which turned out to be an Iguana’s flesh.

From a disinterested point of view, it can be said that the Amazon founder hadn’t the idea that it was Lizard flesh he was munching down because it was already cooked, dressed, and served on decorated plates for guests to entertain themselves with. Though this was the case, the reality of eating an Iguana is completely odd and unseen.

The CEO of Amazon seen feasting on an Iguana

What Explorer Club is all about?

The unique meal was part of the Explorers club fanfare. This club has remained in existence for over 100 years and has always encouraged and assisted scientific adventures and inquiries.

During these years, the establishment of fellow astronauts, anthropologists, physicists, and other bodies that encourage space travel, have met in their galas where awards are meted out to extraordinary individuals who were able to lead the dream of exploring the galaxy further.

Blue Origin gives Jeff Bezos a well-deserved prize

The multibillionaire, philanthropist, Jeff Bezos received the Buzz Aldrin Award for Space Exploration for his duty and creation of the firm named Blue Origin. The Aerospace-oriented company was first created in Kent, Washington and ran by Jeffery, Amazon’s founder, and Chairman. So far, the company has employed up to 1000 people.

Bezos’s main intention when creating the Blue Origin was to encourage more space exploration by reducing the price rate for space travel. Aside from that goal, the organization also works in manufacturing innovative gadgets for the benefit of this field.

When given a chance to speak, Jeff expressed his concerns regarding the high cost of space traveling. He further stated that through his Amazon Lottery program, he wanted to significantly-reduce the cost that people being administered into outer space have to deal with.

Before his statement that night, the Amazon Boss, Jeffery, announced to the public another impressive project he is working on. he said that he regularly funds the Blue Origin with $1 billion by selling some of this other organizations’ stocks. It is now clear to us that the Amazon Chairman sees space travel as a great investment field and isn’t planning on giving up on it any time soon.

Blue origin since its inception has remained a firm that produces reusable space rocket for space travel.

How it’s like being the richest man in the world?

Jeffery Bezos is on the top of Forbes’ yearly list of World Billionaires. He was able to stun the world over the past year and the beginning of this year by increasing his financial strength with an addition of $39.2 billion.

This number increased the space philanthropist’s net worth to $130 billion, which gives him a defined edge over Bill Gates. Ever since the recent increase in fortune was attained, a lot of individuals have their minds placed on what his intentions are regarding how to spend this mind-blowing fortune.

It seems that even though Bezos wants to help Humanity with his increased wealth, it was figured out that Amazon’s taxpayers can cater for the tax issue. Regarding being a philanthropist of the likes of Bill Gates, that dream was reserved for later. And on the idea of sinking his wealth into a space-related program, the world richest man, when asked, refused to give a comment.

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